The Vasectomist


Dr. Doug Stein, who has performed thousands of vasectomies, travels the world to promote the procedure while facing cultural and religious resistance.

Year: 2013
Certificate: G
Director: Jonathan Stack, Saralena Weinfield
Starring: Doug Stein

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When I received a notification from the New on Netflix Twitter feed saying the ‘The Vasectomist’ had been added to Netflix UK the synopsis really caught my eye. I thought that this was going to be a documentary about a Vasectomist who was going to promote vasectomies as a contraceptive option in countries where the procedure isn’t readily available. I was also interested to what cultural and religious resistance Dr. Doug Stein was going to face. However the documentary did not live up to the expectation at all. It was really difficult to watch and I was very tempted to turn it off several times before the end, but for you – our readers I persisted and watched it until the end.

At the start of the documentary you see Dr Stein driving to an advertising board site in Florida where he is having a poster erected to advertise his vasectomy services – namely a no needle, no scalpel procedure. I thought this was an interesting idea and was hopeful that this was going to be explained though out the documentary.  However this is not explained, but what becomes blatantly obvious quite early on the documentary is that Dr. Stein is really only looking to become the man who has performed the most vasectomies in a career, setting up walk in surgeries at community centres throughout Florida.

The documentary then follows Dr Stein to remote parts of the Philippines where he sets up these surgeries, offering free vasectomies.  At first this is frowned upon by many locals who are devout Catholics as it is seen as a form of contraception, until Dr Stein starts paying people, many of whom don’t seem to understand what exactly they are agreeing too, to accept the procedure again very often in community buildings. Following on from his trip to the Philippines he heads to Haiti where he again faces resistance from locals. Officials also try to stop him being allowed to offer financial incentives to patients.

I really don’t recommend watching this documentary if you get easily annoyed by Americans who think that every country should be just like America, or people who think that their beliefs are better than everyone else’s, as Dr Stein appears to be a very arrogant man who doesn’t really care about his patients. Not only that the documentary really isn’t that interesting and doesn’t explain what the reasoning behind Dr Steins beliefs other than it costs money to raise a child.


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One thought on “The Vasectomist

  1. I greatly appreciate what Dr. Stein has been doing, specially in the Philippines!
    Rarely can i find a person like him, so passionate with he is doing, helping and donating so generously!
    What for? He doesn’t have any relatives in the Philippines, but in spite of that , he endlessly shares his knowledge, time and resources!

    In his clinic in Florida, he gets $590 per NSV procedure but in the Phils, he gets nothing! plus he spends a lot for is airfare, accommodation, etc and still bring supplies, etc to be used for the mission. 8 days stay in the Phils (excluding travel time)
    is a lot of money lost vs, his $590/ 15 min procedure in the US. That excludes his Training Fee for doctors who undergoes training in NSV, so good in training people, have experienced it myself.

    The income replacement assistance is necessary because most of the Men are breadwinners, they are advised not to carry heavy things or do hard work 2-3 days after the procedure, to avoid complications/problems. They might be forced to work for the food for their family, so income replacement is necessary. To avoid abuses, assessment is being done to screen out some.

    Donations are expected to those Men who can afford, to those Filipinos who can’t afford its FREE! Foreign nationals have to pay from Php 10-20T only, w/c is a lot lower of the regular price of around Php 28T ($590) in the US.

    As a Filipino, I have been very grateful for what Dr. Stein and the rest of the Officers/Volunteers/Donors of No Scalpel Vasectomy Intl. Inc. ( They have been a great help in reducing Poverty in the Philippines.

    Having been a volunteer and coordinating with NSVI for 15 years already, started when I was still the Medical Social Worker of Sacred Heart Hospital, I am willing to respond to comments. Thank you!.

    Frohnie D. Cagalitan
    Volunteer Social Worker

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