Amanda Knox


She was twice convicted and acquitted of murder. Amanda Knox and the people closest to her case speak out in this illuminating documentary.

Year: 2016
Certificate: 15
Director: Rod Blackhurst, Brian McGinn

Information Page:

Most people know the story of the tragic murder of 22 year old British student Meredith Kercher in Italy in early November 2007, and will have heard the name Amanda Knox on more than one occasion relating to those events. However this documentary doesn’t look into the crime in depth it does, however, look into Amanda’s story and the media circus which surrounded the case from crime to trial.   

The documentary is a good mix of case and news archive footage and new footage, however some of the new footage is filmed in a Hollywood movie style which does take away from the seriousness of the documentary slightly. Some of the case footage is quite gruesome as it shows the crime scene as it was found by the police, surprisingly this isn’t the most shocking part of the documentary. That title goes to British journalist Nick Pisa who openly admits to writing stories about the case based on any bits of gossip which he heard and didn’t ever bother to check the facts before going to print, because who needs facts when a front page headline is at stake. Even when the Italian Supreme Court say that the press had caused the flaws in the investigation by wanting a quick arrest he still seems oblivious to the fact that he was a part of that.

But let’s not forget the title of this documentary and it’s subsequent star: “Amanda Knox”. Amanda talks candidly about her feelings during the whole case and there are a number of times when you start to doubt yourself whether she’s telling the truth or not. The level of detail she can recall is incredible – as though she’s trying to hide something. But then when you learn of various mistakes caused by the media pressure you end up feeling a bit sorry for her.

The documentary hasn’t been dubbed into English so unless you speak fluent Italian you’ll need to sit and watch this documentary at a time when you can concentrate on reading subtitles most of the time. If, however, you don’t mind listening to the audio description this is an option as the narrator will read the subtitles to you, but in moments of silence they will also describe what is happening on screen.

If you are looking for a documentary that paints Amanda as an evil murderer this isn’t it  but if you are looking for a documentary that treats Amanda as the victim then this is the documentary for you as sadly very little is said about the real victim Meredith Kercher.

Overall, it’s an interesting documentary but I can’t help feeling it’s more about how the media can affect police investigations than about Amanda Knox herself.

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