Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?


Skeptics and experts discuss photographs and other evidence that suggest the United States government faked NASA’s moon landings for political gain.

Year: 2001
Certificate: G
Director: John Moffet
Starring: Mitch Pileggi

Information Page:

Right, let’s get one thing clear NASA landed on the moon. This is a documented fact. Some people decide not to believe this and think up various random conspiracies surrounding it. This “documentary” is about those conspiracy theories. It is not, sadly, this:

To be fair to the makers, they do actually clarify that “most people believe that the moon landings are true” but, sadly, this is about as balanced as it gets… To me, a good documentary looks at both sides of a story in equal measures. This is not a good documentary.

I’ve read various conspiracy theories about the moon landings, among other things, and sometimes I think I know all the theories. However, in this show I was surprised to see that there were other theories I had not actually heard before. I think most people know about the ‘waving flags’ and ‘it was filmed on a set’ theory – but did you know that many conspiracy theorists believe that NASA murdered a number of staff to stop them from “telling the real story”?! No, crazy isn’t it…

There was some interesting footage of the lunar landing module which we are led to believe was being piloted by Neil Armstrong (there’s no close-up shot of him, we’re just supposed to believe this) that exploded and I had never actually seen this. Other than that, it was pretty much run-of-the-mill stuff – not seeing stars in photos, flags waving in zero gravity, no blast radius on the moon etc.

Sadly, the “documentary” fails at being balanced. NASA are given around 20 seconds to explain a topic and then the conspirators get about 8-10 minutes to talk absolute nonsense with no real chance for the professionals to refute or explain.

All in all as a “documentary” it is a poor, biased piece of work with an overly zealous narrator who seems like he would be surprised/shocked at anything. As something to watch? Well, it’s OK if you want to spend nearly an hour shouting at your screen about something that is documentaed fact… Or is it…??? Yes. Yes it is!

This is a case of “we watched it so you don’t have to”. Please, save your time and your sanity and watch something else – even if it’s a German Shepherd dog that’s hungry over on Amazon Prime…

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