Interview with a Serial Killer


In this jailhouse interview, Arthur Shawcross, the Genesee River Killer, shares candid details of his crimes and his surprising family bonds.

Year: 2008
Certificate: G
Director: Christopher Martin

Starring: Arthur Shawcross

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Were you gripped by the series Making a Murderer, and waiting for the second series? Do you like crime documentaries?  If the answer to either of those questions is yes, and you have a spare 45 minutes then this is the programme for you. Whilst this is a standalone documentary and the cinematography is in no way as aesthetically pleasing as Making a Murderer, ‘Interview With a Serial Killer’ is a gripping look at the psychology of serial killer Arthur Shawcross, who is also known as The Genesee River Killer, The Monster of the Rivers, and The Rochester Strangler.

‘Interview With A Serial Killer’ is a talking head style documentary filmed inside Sullivan Correctional Facility, Fallsberg, New York. Where Shawcross was serving a 250 year sentence for the murder of 11 prostitutes (or 12 depending on your sources). The documentary looks further into his crimes and because we don’t do spoilers I won’t go into any more details on those.

The documentary looks at the criminal history of Shawcross which goes right back to petty crime in his teenage years. As well as speaking to Shawcross himself there are also interviews with psychiatrists and criminal profilers, who try to get to the bottom of why Shawcross would commit such heinous acts of crime.
Some of the hardest parts of this documentary to watch are when the Police Captains are describing his acts of violence as you can see that even at the time of filming almost 20 years after the investigation they are still emotionally affected by what they discovered and his lack of remorse.

There were times while I was watching this documentary that I had to stop and press pause for a while to compose myself and take in what I had just heard being described. At times it was made even worse by the cold-hearted way that Shawcross describes his crimes with no remorse at all. Shawcross blinks repeatedly as he speaks, which only heightens the creepiness of his cold confessions.

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