Love Me

80037204Western men travel to Ukraine to meet women they found on “mail-order bride” dating websites — both sides hoping the encounter will end in marriage.

Year: 2014
Certificate: G
Director: Jonathon Narducci
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It’s a story that seems pretty common place in the world we live in now. Man seeks woman, woman seeks man and they meet on an online dating site. They get to know each other and fall in love. Of course that doesn’t always happen. ‘Love Me’ is a story about just that, except in this scenario the men and women live hundreds of miles apart.

‘Love Me’ is a documentary that follows a group of men who are trying to find love and they travel to the Ukraine to pursue it.

It’s difficult to discuss what happens other than that without giving too much away but I enjoyed the insight into the minds of people who look abroad for love.

The group of guys are a member of a site that facilitates the connections that these men are looking for. The site itself is run by a couple who met over the internet and fell in love and have lived together for many years.

What I found most interesting about ‘Love Me’ was that sometimes people get the impression that eastern girls or mail order brides are all looking for an easy way into a country. An easy way to a green card, but watching this film it seems that these women are looking for the same thing as the men of which they attract. Happiness.

‘Love Me’ shows love has both ups and downs and I hate with documentaries when you don’t find out what happened after the initial filming. ‘Love Me’ doesnt do that and instead re-visits the main cast after six, nine and twelve months and we see which ones were genuinely in love or just looking for easy passage to a new life.

Love is a complicated monster and some people can tame it and some can’t. Would you ever look for love online?

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