Nova: Ground Zero Super Tower.


Return to ground zero to witness the construction of One World Trade Center, the new skyscraper that has arisen where the Twin Towers once stood.

Year: 2013
Certificate: G
Director: Terri Randall
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I’m going to presume that most people reading this review either remember or know of the tragic events that unfolded on Tuesday September 11th 2001 in New York City (if you don’t then Google it). So I’m not going to go into detail about that day and I shall just jump straight into reviewing this documentary.

“Nova: Ground Zero Super Tower” is a documentary that looks at the redevelopment of the area of New York that was once home to the twin towers of The World Trade Center, now more commonly known as Ground Zero. Documenting the completion of the new ‘One World Trade Center’ and the ‘9/11 Memorial Museum’, following the highs and lows faced along the way. Whilst there are a few references to, and imagery from, that fateful day in 2001, this documentary doesn’t look at the reasons behind the twin towers’ collapse – instead looking at the rebirth of the area.

Architect David Childs takes on the challenge to design a new tower that is both strong enough and safe enough to stand at ground zero, aiming to ensure the tragedy of 9/11 can never happen again. The documentary charts the new technologies and scientific techniques he is putting to use in building such a tall tower as well as the methods in place to keep the Hudson River from flooding the foundations.

“Nova: Ground Zero Super Tower” is an interesting documentary covering both the new tower as well as the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and at only 52 minutes long it isn’t too long. For such an emotive and conspiracy-filled topic, the documentary does a good job of sticking to the facts and not playing on the viewers emotion too much.

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