Tell Me Who I Am

In this documentary, Alex trusts his twin, Marcus, to tell him about his past after he loses his memory. But Marcus is hiding a dark family secret.

Year: 2019
Certificate: 15
Director: Ed Perkins

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I don’t often review documentaries. Although I love watching them, I think reviewing them is difficult. None more so than this week’s review. The reason they are so difficult is because often the subject is possibly widely known. It’s a documentary about a celebrity or a famous event or time. ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ is a very different documentary.

It’s a story of two people you have never heard of. Two people who share an incredible true story. We are introduced to Alex and Marcus; two brothers, twins in fact, who are both now in their 50s. When they were 18, Alex suffered an horrific accident which resulted in memory loss. His memory loss was so severe he didn’t recognise his parents or his home. He couldn’t recall his family holidays or the accident which took away those memories. He remembered one thing, his twin brother Marcus.

Marcus takes Alex home and begins to start teaching him who Alex is. Showing him his home, showing him the bedroom in which they have both shared all their lives. Marcus was there to answer questions and offer reassurance when needed. This is our Mother. This is our Father.

Alex had a girlfriend. A girlfriend, according to his brain, he had never met. Friends who knew Alex well, yet Alex had no recollection of ever meeting them, never mind knowing their names. How could he know any of his friends when he didn’t know who HE was?

But it was all right. He had Marcus. The only person he remembered, the only person he could trust.

But… What if he couldn’t trust Marcus? What if Marcus had been lying? What if the person Marcus had shown Alex, wasn’t who he really was? What could Marcus be hiding? After 20 years it’s time we found out!

What starts as an interesting story about memory loss, family and individuality, quickly turns a dark corner. ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ is a gripping feature length documentary with a simple premise: to tell a story about two brothers and the trust between them. The look of the documentary is just as simple. With a seemingly simple 3 camera set up, director Ed Perkins’ simple aim was to catch the emotions of Alex and Marcus as they relive the story of their lives before and after the accident.

I really enjoyed watching ‘Tell Me Who I Am’. Not impacted by its themes, I was able to watch it objectively and understand the moral questions it will raise when you watch yourself. In fact, it was a conversation on Twitter that prompted me to write this review. So, go ahead and watch ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ and be sure to come back and let me know in the comments below if you would have done the same or not. (This will make more sense once you have seen it!)

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