The Bleeding Edge

This eye-opening look at the fast-growing medical device industry reveals how the rush to innovate can lead to devastating consequences for patients.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 12
Director: Kirby Dick

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If there’s a film that can literally save lives, this is it.

I can’t remember being more shocked watching a documentary since “Bowling For Columbine”. “The Bleeding Edge” is deeply involving, showing struggles of real people instead of just bombarding viewers with dry facts. One thing that impressed me about this documentary is the absence of those dozens of little clips you get in documentaries these days to fill up time between one main point and another and they usually have annoying background music. In ‘The Bleeding Edge’ it’s almost all people talking to the camera in a straightforward conversational way that gives the whole thing great credibility. There is background music but it isn’t excessive. As a documentary this is an impressive change from the usual over-the-top-production that is the norm these days.

I was also very impressed that it focused itself on three medical devices so could go into detail about each of those rather than trying to fit in lots of devices and not giving much information about them.

You could think that accidents may happen, but the idea that the FDA and medical industry could willingly manipulate, cheat and lie to gain as much profit as possible is sickening – and yet it’s a reality. Yes, you should research every medicine, every medical device you put in your body, every medical procedure you undergo. Nevertheless, not everyone does, not everyone would think to doubt their doctor’s decision – in fact, most people would probably do what they were told. Whilst “The Bleeding Edge” is about the American medical industry we still need to be aware of the problems which are highlighted in the documentary to make sure we don’t let things like this happen elsewhere.

Films like this one are extremely important.

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