Why Did You Kill Me?

The line between justice and revenge blurs when a devastated family uses social media to track down the people who killed 24-year-old Crystal Theobald.

Year: 2021
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 23m
Director: Fredrick Munk

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80991050

When looking for something to review for you fine readers, I often look for something I haven’t heard of. After all, you may have watched a popular movie already so when I saw “Why Did You Kill Me?” I realised it a was a brand new documentary, but one that I hadn’t seen advertised before.

“Why Did You Kill Me?” tells the tragic story of a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crystal Theobald was in her family’s vehicle sitting at an intersection in her local neighbourhood when a large white vehicle stopped in front of them. A passenger got out of the car, aimed his gun at the family and opened fire. Crystal died shortly after.

The neighbourhood the Theobald family lived in was ruled by gangs, the biggest of which was the 5150’s. Crystals brothers had had their own run-ins with gangs leading to a unpleasant past and a dis-trust of the police. The police, of course, wanted the family to not interfere in their investigations and let them do their job. But instead of retaliation on the streets, Crystal’s family took a more cerebral approach: creating profiles on the social network ‘MySpace’, befriending members of the 5150s and gaining their trust before trying to find out what caused them to shoot Crystal. This was catfishing before catfishing was catfishing!

Using small-scale models, Crystal’s own mother walks us through that fateful night. Explaining what happened, before during and after the shooting. This is accompanied by sit down interviews with Crystal’s mother, brothers and cousin (who was the original voice behind the MySpace accounts). We also hear from passengers that were members of the 5150s and we see the process through police interviews that sees these gang members struggling with the decision of whether to remain silent and respect the code of the streets, or to talk and save themselves.

I’ll admit when I watched the first 20 minutes I nearly gave up and turned it off, but I’m glad I stuck with it. This film does a great job of exploring the emotions that the family must have felt;  the desire to get revenge on the killers but knowing that could also likely cost them their own lives.

If you have enjoyed other documentaries such as “Don’t F*ck With Cats” and “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” you clearly have a taste for social media sleuthing… (If that’s even a word?) and “Why Did You Kill Me?” will be right up your street.

Have you seen this film? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and of course if there are any films on Netflix UK you want us to review let us know!

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