6 Years


As a volatile young couple who have been together for six years approach college graduation, unexpected career opportunities threaten their future.

Year: 2015
Certificate: G
Director: Hannah Fidell
Starring: Joshua Leonard, Peter Vack, Jennifer Lafleur, Lindsay Burdge, Taissa Farmiga, Ben Rosenfield, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Jason Newman, Molly McMichael

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80045922

I’ll start this review by saying that ‘6 Years’ is not the sort of film that I would usually watch – I prefer action and comedy over romance and drama. But I watched it and, in a way, I think I’m glad that I did.

Dan and Mel have been together for six years and the film starts with a happy, almost dream-like montage of the couple frolicking in the sun, partying together and just generally enjoying young love and the freedom of youth. However, it doesn’t take long to see the real relationship when a small argument becomes a physical fight. Domestic violence isn’t an easy thing to watch, and I found it interesting that in this case the violence was initiated by the female against the male – I think we all know it happens but it’s not usually represented in the media.

This early scene starts to build a picture of both Mel, a trainee teacher, and Dan, an intern at a record label. Their relationship is volatile at times but quickly returns to being passionate within a short space of time. It’s quite clear too that Mel is very reliant upon Dan whereas Dan appears to be looking to the future and his career opportunities. There are a number of scenes throughout the film that show the viewer just how rocky their relationship is and it could be quite difficult to watch if you’ve ever experienced a similar situation.

The film is relatively slow moving but it’s also very gripping. I found myself really being drawn into the lives of Dan and Mel – both sympathising with them and hating some of their actions equally. The acting is very realistic and this is a big credit to the young cast involved; by all accounts there was no script, just an outline of each scene.

When Dan is offered a life-changing career opportunity the couple are pushed to their limits. Both parties are looking for different things in the relationship and by the end of the film it feels like you’re viewing the emotionally-charged end of a long-term relationship. The final scene of the film is very well done – you don’t see the outcome but you know what it will be.

‘6 Years’ is a very good film, although highly emotional at times. The acting is very believable, the story is strong and it grips you throughout. This may not be your usual choice of film but it’s worth watching. Netflix obviously thought so too as they bought the rights to it as soon as it was shown at the SxSw festival earlier this year.

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