A Christmas Horror Story

This anthology features a quartet of holiday-themed horror tales, including Santa battling zombie elves and demonic Krampus stalking a naughty family.

Year: 2015
Certificate: 15
Director: Steven HobanGrant HarveyBrett Sullivan
Starring: William ShatnerGeorge BuzaBrett SullivanGrant HarveyAlex OzerovZoé De Grand MaisonRob ArcherSteven HobanJeff ClarkeMichelle NoldenAdrian HolmesShannon KookAmy ForsythZoe De Grand Maison

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80075567

Having seen a few anthology films in the past, and recently watching “Trick ‘r’ Treat” which didn’t scare me at all, I thought that “A Christmas Horror Story” would be the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was absolutely terrified the whole way through this film. Also, I must point out that this is not like other anthology films where the stories run consecutively instead the stories in this run concurrently.

Beginning with our beloved gift-giver about to board his sleigh and coming full circle towards the end, “A Christmas Horror Story” weaves together four stories of almost every popular horror sub-genre. With our first story, we have a found-footage style ghost story set within the dark corridors of a school. Our second story follows a police officer and his family in a creature possession mishmash, who despite the warnings of trespassing, illegally cut down a tree. On the way they seamlessly cross paths with the next desperate and foolish family, who wind up getting into an accident, soon finding them being picked off one by one in the vein of a holiday slasher. Finally, we come back around to a festering nod to modern zombies, as Santa Claus must ward off his elves that only want to devour flesh. All of these stories interconnect and come together dramatically at the finale. William Shatner is great as Dangerous Dan the DJ and brings his character to life in a realistic and yet amusing way, with the dry humour we know and love. There’s plenty of blood and gore for the die-hard horror fans as well as an interesting collection of narratives, filled with black humour and intrigue.

You either like those short stories that are somehow and somewhat connected to each other or you don’t. If it’s the latter don’t bother watching or reading on, because you obviously are not the target audience. If you are of course, give this a shot. While not the best horror anthology, just the fact that Shatner is a radio host who’s telling jokes (you know he’s quite funny) and is always there after a shock to make you feel good.

Having said that, the casting overall is good, however, other than William Shatner’s portrayal of Dangerous Dan the only other really notable acting in the film, is Orion John’s depiction of young Will, which is very good and at times terrifying. The stories all not really in the original sense of the Christmas spirit. But with a horror movie that should be the most obvious thing and nothing one should have to figure out. The characters are oblivious to their fates or what lies ahead of them in general. Funny and scary stories that really are entertaining.

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