A Simple Favour

Thirsty for thrills, single mom Stephanie strikes up a friendship with the glamorous Emily, who asks for a small favor, then mysteriously vanishes.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Director: Paul Feig
Starring: Blake LivelyAnna KendrickHenry GoldingAndrew RannellsLinda CardelliniJean SmartRupert FriendEric JohnsonDustin Milligan

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80988896

Meet Stephanie. She’s a widowed, mother of one who is a well-known blogger and vlogger with a steady group of fans. Even with her small bit of fame, her life is pretty dull. That is until she meets Emily. Emily (Blake Lively) is the opposite of Stephanie (Anna Kendrick). She is mysterious. She is rich, with a great looking husband who loves her greatly. She is also fast becoming Stephanie’s best friend. They organise play dates for their respective kids. Everything is great until one day Emily calls Stephanie, asking for her to collect and look after her son as her husband Sean (Henry Golding) is out of town visiting his sick mother and there is a work emergency. Thinking nothing of it, Stephanie insists it’s not a problem, but she soon realises all is not what it seems.

After two days, Emily has not returned. No calls, no texts and her work insist she was sent to Miami and has not been heard of. With her mysterious nature, including the desire never to be photographed, it’s possible she has just gone to blow off some steam, but Stephanie begins to worry and uses her online community to help her search for Emily. Sadly, the worst happens. Emily’s body is found. But who is responsible? The husband? Was it suicide? Was it Stephanie? Had she been jealous of what Emily had, fallen for Sean and killed her to remove her from the equation? Is this all an elaborate nightmare and she isn’t really dead? Well, of course, to find those answers you’ll have to just watch the movie!

I surprised myself with “A Simple Favour”. I wasn’t expecting to like it. It starred actors I didn’t really know much about, including Anna Kendrick of which I had only really seen in comedies. The director Paul Feig also had a history with comedies, including Bridesmaids (2011) and the recent female-driven version of Ghostbusters which wasn’t well-received by most.  BUT, like I say I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, this movie has actually motivated me to see more Anna Kendrick movies, especially those not rooted in comedy.

Everyone in this movie plays their part brilliantly. The direction is on point, the story is great and even the cinematography is good. I’m not saying this movie is perfect, it has its errors. Some of the story is a little predictable, other parts are a little unbelievable, but in an age of movies where people can fly, you’ve just got to let some things slide.

“A Simple Favour” is a great date movie. There is a little something for everybody, so if you’re looking for an entertaining thriller to curl up on the sofa with, give “A Simple Favour” a try.

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