Allied agent Max Vatan falls for a French spy during World War II. When Vatan learns she might be a double agent, he strives to prove her innocence.

Year: 2016
Certificate: 15
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Brad PittMarion CotillardJared HarrisLizzy CaplanDaniel BettsMatthew GoodeCamille CottinAugust DiehlThierry Frémont

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I don’t have a great desire to watch films set during the war for some reason, but “Allied” intrigued me more than most. Maybe it was the well established cast of Brad Pitt as Max Vatan, a Canadian intelligence officer who encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour, played by Marion Cotillard. Or maybe it was because the film isn’t actually about the war, it’s more character driven than that.

Max and Marianne are to play a couple. Max, a returning war hero, and Marianne, a devoted wife waiting patiently for her husband to return. Of course, that’s not the real story. In truth, before meeting in North Africa on this dangerous mission, they had never met before. The mission is to establish themselves and become part of the inner circle. Close enough to their target, a high-ranking officer in Hitler’s Third Reich.

While they await the right moment to complete their mission, the lines between personal and professional becomes blurred and they fall for each other. After their mission is completed and they achieve their escape, they of course go their separate ways. That is until they meet again, this time in London and this time the only mission is love. (Damn that was a cheesy line, but I’m leaving it in!)

Love and life are amazing. Max is enjoying his relatively safe desk job and Marianne is playing a part she has become accustomed too. She is making a home for her family, which now includes a little bébé. Sadly, there is trouble in paradise and Max’s superiors have had word that Marianne is not actually who she seems. She is in-fact a German spy and has been playing the long game all along. Not surprisingly, Max laughs at the idea, but is ordered to under take a covert mission on his own wife to prove there is no double-cross.

What happens next is for those who choose to watch, but I will tell you, it is worth doing so. Allied is a slick spy thriller that kept me interested from when the first credits rolled. Although not the biggest fan of Brad Pitt, I enjoyed his performance as Max Vatan and Marion Cotillard is really great as Marianne. Everything from the set and costumes appears on point and help you get lost in the film.

The only criticism I have of “Allied”, is that the main focus of this film isn’t introduced until the last third of the film. This does nothing to take you away from the great script, but it’s almost as if the double-cross angle was an after thought.

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