American Made

A drug-running airline pilot turns informant, then uses his connections inside the government to start secretly smuggling cocaine for Pablo Escobar.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 15
Director: Doug Liman
Starring: Tom CruiseDomhnall GleesonSarah WrightJesse PlemonsCaleb Landry JonesJayma MaysLola KirkeAlejandro EddaJed ReesBenito Martinez

Information Page:

Imagine learning to fly. Imagine being able to fly a passenger jet. Imagine dreaming of being an airline pilot and one day becoming an airline pilot. Imagine if that is only the beginning of your life as a pilot. One person didn’t have to imagine. That person was Barry Seal.

Barry Played by Tom Cruise is living the dream. His dream job as an airline pilot. Married to his dream woman Lucy (Played by Sarah Wright). ON what seemed like a regular day, Barry meets a man by the name of ‘Monty’, who says he works for CIA. Monty wants Barry’s help. You see MOnty knows that Barry has been smuggling in (Highly illegal) Cuban cigars. Now Monty is happy to look the other way if Barry comes and works for the CIA. He wants Barry to use his pilot skills for the good of his country and fly clandestine reconnaissance missions over Central America using a small plane with cameras installed.

After a decade of working for the CIA, Monty asks Barry to make a detour. Now he wants Barry to act as a courier between the CIA and a General in Panama. No problem…. Until he is caught by the Medallin Cartel. Instead of killing Barry, they instead decide to use his pilot skills for the good of…well, themselves.
So…. Just to clarify. Barry flies to South America, to deliver to the general, then flies to Cuba, fills his plane with cocaine belonging to the Cartel and flies it into the US and all under the watchful eye of the CIA, who simply turn a blind eye to the whole smuggling thing.

Now, this may sound like the overactive imagination of a Hollywood scriptwriter, but believe it or not, American Made is based on a true story and that little synopsys I provided above, is only the start of the story.

Although not exactly a dead ringer for the man himself, Tom Cruise plays a great lead character. Supported by a great cast including Domhnall Gleeson as Monty, Sarah Wright and one of my favorite actors a the moment Jesse Plemons who plays a suspicious Sherrif.
American Made is funny, unpredictable and brilliantly scripted. With an amazing true story to start with, the script puts this tale on the big screen in a great way.

This review is simple, straightforward and easy to follow, which is not quite the same as American Made which can be a little confusing at times, but it’s a film I have happily watched multiple times and enjoyed.
So if you want to hear a story about a guy who worked for the CIA, the Medallin Cartel (That’s the one with Pablo Escobar in case you didn’t realise), the Nicaraguan Contras, avoids prosecution after prosecution, then you should find some time to give American Made a watch.

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