An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

When an unhappily married woman discovers a man from her past has a role in a local theater production, she’ll do anything to reconnect with him.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Director: Jim Hosking
Starring: Aubrey PlazaEmile HirschJemaine ClementCraig RobinsonMatt BerryZach CherryMaria BamfordMichael D. CohenSky ElobarJacob WysockiJohn KerryBettina DevinGil Gex

Information Page:

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn brings you an all star cast… for one night only.

Starring Aubrey Plaza as Lulu, a repressed woman who has had enough of her controlling marriage to her husband Shane Danger and decides to run away taking his stolen money with her. Shane, the manager of a diner, stole the money from another business man Adjay and he isn’t happy. Adjay demands his money and threatens Shane if it isn’t returned quickly.

In his attempt to get his money back from Shane, Adjay enlists the assistance of ‘Gun-for-hire’ Colin (Jemaine Clement), who quickly falls for Lulu and helps her escape the clutches of Shane. In a stroke of luck, for Lulu at least, an ex-lover of hers is performing at a local hotel. This is where we are introduced Beverly Luff Linn (Craig Robinson) who is to perform “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn; For One Magical Night Only.”

In a bid to rekindle the romance, Lulu plans to attend the show and hope that Beverly falls for her once again, but any attempt at romance is quickly nipped in the bud by Beverly’s partner, Rodney Von Donkensteiger (Matt Berry).

Now, you may think I have given away far too many plot points in this review, but honestly, I may have done you a favour. Although I am a fan of most of the cast here, the film is nothing of note. The performances by the better known players are a step above the lesser known cast members and it’s clear to see why. Some of the performances were bordering on embarrassing. Maybe they were part of the ‘charm’ the films creators were going for, but I’ll go for my embarrassing theory.

If I had to find something positive to add as a silver lining, it may be the way the movie is shot. The way the film is made is not strong enough to be a saving grace, but the costumes and sets are, in some cases, perfectly used. From the old cars, to the hotel in which 80% of the movie is filmed in. The music used is pretty cool too.

I just didn’t ‘get’ the film. The story isn’t difficult too follow; Craig Robinson and, to a lesser extent Matt Berry, are completely wasted but if you are a fan of Matt Berry or Jemaine Clement, then give this a try and see if you come to the same conclusion as me and that is hopefully, ‘An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn’ is for one film only and never to be repeated.

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