Baahubali: The Beginning

Villagers in the kingdom of Mahismati rescue a baby who is destined to embark on a heroic quest in this Tamil version of S.S. Rajamouli’s epic.

Year: 2015
Certificate: 15
Director: S.S. Rajamouli
Starring: SathyarajPrabhasS.S. RajamouliTamannaah BhatiaAnushka ShettyRana DaggubatiRamya KrishnanSudeepNassar

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I’ll be honest, I only decided to watch this film because it is on a ‘100 Films You Must Watch’ poster that I’m working through with my partner. As we’re under lockdown and can’t currently watch anything physically together we can only watch films from the poster which are streamable. Baahubali falls into that category, and i’m really glad that it does because without it doing so I may never have watched this cinematic beauty.

When Sanga and her husband, part of a tribe living around the province of Mahismathi, save a drowning infant, little do they know the background of the infant or what the future holds for him. The child grows up to be a Shivudu, a free-spirit wanting to explore the mountains and in the process learns of his roots and then realises the whole purpose of his life and ends up confronting the mighty Bhallala Deva!

The film is really set in two parts, the first part seems like a little over an hour-and-a-half-long prelude for the flashback episode that goes back 50 years in time. Infants, Bhallaladeva and Bahubali are both heirs to the throne of Mahishmathi, when the then king dies an untimely death. The queen Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) ascends to the throne and decrees that the worthier of the two cousins will be crowned king. Bhallaladeva, being the son of the younger brother (Nasser) of the deceased king, who was denied the throne owing to serious character flaws, inherits his father’s desire to become the emperor. This half of the film is cinematically prettier, with a use of vibrant almost heavenly colours.

Whilst the second half of the film is definitely leading into the sequel, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, it is quite different in style. It is still very cinematic but the colours aren’t as vibrant which matches very well with the change of pace that the film takes. The second half was also slightly difficult to understand at first as you are taken back in time 50 years, although you are not told this – and the characters are played by the same cast you have already seen. As someone who predominantly watches Hollywood movies it was slightly strange that this is not spelt out to you and you are left to work it out for yourself. Having said that, it is also quite refreshing not to be spoon fed every aspect of the story and to have to use your brain a little. It  is in this second half that Sathyaraj comes into his own as Kattapa he plays the role brilliantly and you totally believe that he is torn between carrying out his duty to the King and doing what he knows is correct.

Another refreshing thing that this movie has over hollywood movies is that the music is not just there to add a bit of background noise or to add a bit of emotionto the scene it actually tells the story and is also both really entertaining and lovely to watch. The story of Baahubali has a bit of everything in it, family feud drama, action, suspense and romance, so there is some part of the story that will suit every taste.

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