Baby Driver

Smooth-faced getaway driver Baby is a music junkie in deep with a bad dude. He’s got just one job left, but it’s all about to go sideways.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 15
Director: Edgar Wright
Starring: Ansel ElgortKevin SpaceyLily JamesJon BernthalJamie FoxxJon HammEiza GonzalezFleaSky FerreiraLanny Joon

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I’ve had “Baby Driver” on my watch list for quite a while. One of the reasons I didn’t watch it was that I had heard how good it was and, until I actually sat and watched it myself, that ‘fact’ could remain true – who am I to spoil it? Well just for you fine people I found the time to see if the film lived up to its hype.

“Baby Driver” stars Ansel Elgort as a fresh-faced kid who is one hell of a driver. Used as a getaway driver by a criminal mastermind ‘Doc’, he is regularly on the run from the police. He doesn’t do this for fun. He does this because he owes Doc, he owes him BIG. Doc uses this fact to keep “Baby” on the hook. He’s been Doc’s driver for a long time. Every job Doc runs, his crew changes… except for Baby.

When Baby finally earns enough to pay Doc back, it means he can get out of the game. He can finally drive off into the sunset with the girl of his dreams… Debora. But as we know, it is never that simple.

“Baby Driver” lived up to expectations for the most part. Ansel Elgort is pretty unknown to me, so he seemed a little out of place surrounded by some big names, but he held his own and actually became one of the better performances. Needless to say, the other cast members don’t disappoint. Jamie Foxx plays Bats, a name that suits his personality. Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez play “Buddy” and “Darling” (respectively). A Bonny and Clyde couple who give no concern to anybody but each other. And of course, there is Kevin Spacey as “Doc”.  My only disappointment in the movie was Kevin Spacey is basically, Kevin Spacey.

This film seems a bit of a departure for director Edgar Wright, who is more commonly known for comedy, but the transition to a bit more of an action film is pretty seamless. The look of the film is bright and colourful which I think is similar to the character of “Baby” and a contrast to the other characters which makes Baby stand out even more. The inclusion and use of music have to be my favourite aspects of the movie. It is used a lot and for good reason which fits the plot of the movie. It treads the line of being a musical when Baby is on screen but it stays away enough for it not to spoil what is a fun action-comedy.

If, like me, you have been tempted by “Baby Driver”, I assure you it was worth the watch. ENJOY!

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