A blend of actual found footage and fictional scenes create a realistic what-if account of the week following a cyberattack on Britain’s power grid.

Year: 2013
Certificate: G
Director: Ben Chanan
Starring: Richard Graham, Jemima Abey, Kirsty Dillon, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Scarlett Brookes, Anthony Shuster, Andrew Gibson, Jada Wallace-Mitchell, David Pentek

Information Page:

What would you do without electricity? Could you manage without your laptop or smartphone? Probably – you know, because of these things called batteries… But what if the power-cut was for a whole week? Have you considered the consequences? The team behind “Blackout” has.

“Blackout” is a drama based around a week-long power-cut across the whole of Britain caused by a cyber-attack on the National Grid. Initially it’s quite fun – kids get to stay up using candles and wannabe Bear Grylls’ get to do their thing. But then you realise this is much more than a normal power-cu: ATMs stop working so how will you get fuel without money? Will the pumps even work? CCTV security ceases to operate and just how long will an A&E hospital function on it’s reserve generators?

It starts to make you realise just how much we rely on mains electricity. Now, extend that for a week and it goes some way to describe “Blackout”. Using the ‘found-footage’ style, the team behind the drama go the extra mile: it’s made from a mixture of professional actors, non-professional actors and actual ‘found footage’ from power cuts and emergencies throughout the world. The ‘found footage’ theme is interspersed with news reports giving various facts about generators and battery back-up systems.

It actually ends up quite a scary film as you realise that the systems behind electronic tags on offenders require electricity, mobile phone towers require electricity, fuel pumps too and, even then, generators can only last for so long. The government needs to intervene and decide on who gets the priority on the fuel; and we all know how good governments are at making decisions…

The film itself mainly follows four groups: two friends trying to get home from a stag-party in order to see their kids; Mother Laurie and daughter JJ who are trying to get to Sheffield to find Laurie’s diabetic mum; a brother and sister who are in a car crash shortly after the power was lost; and a dad who decides to vlog his survivalist skills as they happen. As time goes on without power, the country quickly turns to the dogs and mob-mentality takes over.

Overall “Blackout” is actually very intense and I did really like the found-footage docu-drama style the filmmakers went for. It’s well worth a watch!

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