Blair Witch

After finding footage of his long-missing sister, James Donahue heads into the woods to find her, accompanied by friends and a documentary filmmaker.

Year: 2016
Certificate: 15
Director: Adam Wingard

Starring: Adam Wingard, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson, Simon Barrett, Callie Hernandez, James Allen McCune, Corbin Reid, Valorie Curry

Information Page:

When ‘The Blair Witch Project‘ came out in 1999, I was a big fan. I remember a buzz about the movie that due to the nature of it being based on footage found in a forest, that everything in the film was real. The information on the film even listed all the people in the movie as either ‘Missing’ or ‘Deceased’. Of course, that wasn’t true and although the actors were indeed unknowns, they were still actors.

That movie spawned a sequel called ‘Book Of Shadows : Blair Witch 2‘ which wasn’t as popular as the original and that was it for movie versions of the Blair Witch. The story broke into other mediums such as comics and novels but no further movies were made…until 2016.

This movie is more of a direct sequel to ‘The Blair Witch Project‘ as it relates only to the events of that movie. ‘Blair Witch‘, which is also a found footage movie, follows a group of college students and their local guides who venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearances years ago.

Our lead character ‘James’ (James Allen McCune), finds footage of what he believes is his sister who went missing all those years ago when she went to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch. Seeing this and his belief that she is still alive, he manages to convince his friends to travel up to the same location so that the person who uploaded the footage can show him where he found it.

Once there, the uploader and generally sketchy guy ‘Lane’ (Wes Robinson) says he will only take him to where he found the footage if he and his girlfriend ‘Talia’ (Valorie Curry) can tag along for the ride.

This movie may not go down as the scariest horror movie ever made, but they have done a good job including all types of the horror clichés. There are scenes that will make you jump. Gore that will make you wince. Editing that will make you jump a bit more and one cool thing they added at the end is a mini twist (no spoilers, obvs.) that I didn’t see coming that at first didn’t sit well with me but really sets it apart from the original and stops it being just another found footage movie.

With regards to the found footage aspect, it has been done really well. I’ve heard of some movies making people nauseous or movies are hard to follow because you only see one persons POV, but with ‘Blair Witch’ they have written the equipment into the story so it explains why there are so many high quality cameras are around and the whole film doesn’t look like it was filmed on a potato. The scene at the end is a little difficult to follow so make sure you are paying attention.

The direction is OK, it’s probably very difficult with this type of movie, but the editing helps break the monotony of people staring straight at the camera.

It’s easy to say this regarding most sequels, but if you were a fan of the first one, then I think you will be a fan of this sequel. It’s written well and was an entertaining flick.

Just an FYI, If you’re planning a camping trip in the near future, you may want to avoid watching this until after you’ve returned… if you make it back of course. *insert evil laugh*

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