Dumped over a video he made to amuse his ailing dad, a heartsick Jérémy hatches an elaborate scheme to win back his superhero-loving girlfriend, Lola.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 15
Director: July Hygreck
Starring: Lionel AbelanskiSyrus ShahidiCharlotte GabrisTom HygreckSylvain QuimeneJuly HygreckLaura BoujenahFoed Amara

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This review is part of our month of International Movies at New on Netflix.

For this week’s review we’ve gone French in the form of the light-hearted, superhero-themed rom-com “Blockbuster”. Lola and Jérémy are a happy couple that live together in a flat in Paris. Lola works at a comic book store and Jérémy runs a fake-alibi business with his friend Mathias – posing as hotel staff on the phone and printing fake tickets for people to use to get away from their partners etc etc.

The film starts off with Lola and Jeremy recording a vlog and we get a bit of an idea about their lives, their feelings and their overall happiness. It gets off to a great start until the next day when Lola clearly isn’t happy and then passes Jérémy his laptop to ask what was happening in the videos. It is here that we see the clever use of the vlogs as they are used to create the backstories instead of the more traditional movie flashback. We see ‘Episode 1’ of Jérémy’s vlog where he is with his brother Sam and friend Mathias on the hunt for a girl to hook up with to record his videos. Approaching random strangers and asking them random questions Jérémy eventually finds Lola.

Clearly, Lola thinks she has been played for a fool and it transpires that Jérémy has been creating the vlogs to take to his dying father in hospital – a man that Lola has never met and of who Jérémy rarely speaks. Thinking it is an excuse, she leaves Jérémy and moves in with her best friend Sarah. All of this takes us less than 10 minutes into the film so there’s a good 75 minutes left for things to happen… except it takes a while.

While the opening scenes do a great job of setting the background to the movie, “Blockbuster” then seems to struggle to find it’s feet and you’re left watching two adults sulking in various, sometimes lighthearted, ways for nearly half an hour along with the occasional back episode of the vlog for some filler. However, it’s worth sticking with for when things do pick up again.

Jérémy’s dad, upset that he is no longer having his daily video entertainment delivered to him, tells Jérémy that he needs to win her back. Along with Mathias and Sam, Jérémy hatches a plan to dress up as superheroes, pretend to kidnap some French stars and record a ransom video – the ransom, of course, being Lola. They would then deliver these videos to Lola and win her back for Jérémy. Obviously, it doesn’t quite go to plan but there are some funny moments throughout this part of the story as well as some terrible-looking superhero cosplay.

The style of the movie certainly fits the theme with various comic-style overlays and the regular use of the old vlog episodes and it is a pleasure to watch. The characters are well acted and believable and the humour is certainly in abundance – although not necessarily ‘laugh out loud’ funny. It did just seem to be lacking something although I still can’t quite put my finger on it – unless it’s simply that I’m not normally one to watch romantic comedies. It’s one of those films, too, that doesn’t attempt to explain everything and doesn’t give all the answers. There was certainly scope for extending the story a bit more. Overall I enjoyed “Blockbuster”, aside from the quiet half hour near the start and the somewhat rushed and predictable ending, it was an enjoyable film.

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