Blues Brothers 2000

After 18 years in prison and the demise of his brother, Jake, Elwood sets out to reassemble the Blues Brothers Band to help a wayward orphan.

Year: 1998
Certificate: PG
Runtime: 2hr 3m
Director: John Landis
Starring: Dan AykroydJohn GoodmanJoe MortonJ. Evan BonifantAretha FranklinJames BrownB.B. KingIsaac HayesEric ClaptonBlues Traveler

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Despite common feeling towards this follow up to the much beloved classic, I have always liked this movie and thoroughly enjoyed watching it through again. Set eighteen years after the events of the original film Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) is released from prison and learns about the death of his brother Jake. Elwood soon gets a job at his Bband’s former drummer’s nightclub where he meets barman Mack (John Goodman) whom he recruits as the newest member of the ‘Blues Brothers’

With the new knowledge of the passing of his father figure Curtis, and tasked with looking after a young orphan boy, Elwood sets out with Mack to get the band back together while tracking down Curtis’s long lost son – with police never far behind.

To be fair it could be argued that “Blues Brothers 2000” more or less hits the same beats as the first movie which it does but to me Blues Brothers 2000 is less a follow up and more of a tribute. A recognition of time which celebrates the talents what helped make the first iconic.

It’s bright, vibrant and the music – as to be expected – is exceptional. My only grumble is just how much the movie jumps the shark and leans heavily into the fantasy side of things. While the first was never exactly realistic it was at least grounded somewhat in reality.

Nevertheless I think “Blues Brothers 2000” gets way more hate then it deserves – it is a perfectly fun and engaging film backed up by some outstanding talent. Give it a chance if you haven’t already.

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