Boiling Point

Burdened by personal problems, a testy head chef must keep his cool amid multiple crises during a hectic Christmastime service at his upscale restaurant.

Year: 2021
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 34m
Director: Philip Barantini
Starring: Stephen GrahamVinette RobinsonJason FlemyngRay PanthakiAlice FeethamHannah WaltersMalachi KirbyIzuka HoyleTaz SkylarLauryn Ajufo

Information Page:

Starring Stephen Graham as Andy the head Chef at a swanky restaurant who is struggling in life. The first time we meet Andy he’s on the phone to whom we presume is an ex-partner. The conversation consists mostly of Andy apologising for various failings, most importantly he seems to have missed an important moment in his sons life. It’s clear from this short interaction this conversation and the plethora of apologies is a common thing for Andy. Clearly he’s stressed and disorganised, qualities you wouldn’t expect from someone who runs a kitchen.
We follow Andy down the street and through a door way revealing the setting for the rest of the film. We continue to follow Andy as he makes his way to the kitchen where he is met with both gratitude and frustration. He’s late. Again.

The camera leaves Andy and focuses on other characters in the kitchen. We are introduced to Tony (Malachi Kirby), Freeman (Ray Panthaki), and Carly (Vinette Robinson) all of which work with Andy and you learn straight away the dynamics of the various relationships.

I was unsure whether to include this tidbit but you may have noticed I mentioned the camera movements above and that’s important. This film is around 1h 32 minutes long and what you may notice very quickly, is that the whole film is shot in one single take. No cuts. None at all. Boiling point was filmed four times. There was no editing. Four individually shot movies and they chose which of those four 90 minute takes was best and that is what we see on screen.
I was hesitant to mention it as I didn’t want it to distract you from how you watch the movie, but it’s such an important part of what makes Boiling Point an impressive movie.

Boiling Point has a multitude of storylines from a multitude of characters and with the film flowing seamlessly from kitchen to tables, to the bar, to the courtyard, the pace is fast and unforgiving.

As someone who loves watching movies, the way this film is made is amazing. The tension, the drama. Some of the performances are impressive especially knowing the way in which it was filmed. I’ve never worked in a kitchen but this is exactly how I expect it to be. Fast paced, emotional but all to produce perfection on the plate.

This film may not be for everyone and it has it’s flaws which are amplified by the one-shot aspect but I suggest you give it a go because it’s like no other movie and I can’t see there being anything similar any time soon.

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