Central Intelligence

A CIA operative contacts a former high school buddy with accounting chops to help dissolve a lethal plot against U.S. undercover agents.

Year: 2016
Certificate: 15
Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Starring: Kevin HartDwayne JohnsonAmy RyanDanielle NicoletJason BatemanAaron PaulRyan HansenTim GriffinTimothy John SmithSione Kelepi

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80094318

Dwayne Johnson upholds his record of moderately entertaining us all in “Central Intelligence”

Our movie opens showing school superstar athlete Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) being honoured when it’s disrupted by a naked Robbie Wierdicht (Dwayne Johnson) being thrown into the school gym by a group of bullies. This does a good job of showing us how far away in social standing our two leads are and helps to establish how they came to be in their current lives when the film jumps forward to a now adult Calvin working as a forensic detective that is extremely unsatisfied with his life.

Calvin gets a message off Robbie (now going by Bob) having not seen him in many years and they meet. Calvin is shocked to see a once overweight Robbie is now a huge muscular man who asks for his help looking over some accounts – which leads the two on a ‘buddy cop’-esque journey against conspiracies and the CIA. “Central Intelligence” takes most of it’s humour from our leads (mainly Johnson) never having fully matured from who they were as kids.

Johnson, as huge as he is, still plays his character lacking confidence and can be brought down with a few harsh words – this helps balance the relationship between the very petite Kevin Hart’s Calvin as it erases the thought of  “why doesn’t this huge guy just force him to do what he needs?” from the viewers’ minds. It gives the (usually almost super-powered) Johnson some humanity and helps make him more relatable.

The movie itself is average at best. It’s entertaining for sure but the plot, setting and characters have been done before (and often better) although having seen our characters develop from high school was a nice addition. In “Central Intelligence” you have what Dwayne and Kevin do best…: a purely average movie that you will enjoy in the moment and forget completely the second the credits roll. It’s worth checking out on Netflix for the experience but you won’t be shouting for a sequel.

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