Crazy Rich Asians

When she joins her boyfriend on a trip to his native Singapore, Rachel Chu discovers his family’s luxurious wealth and faces his disapproving mother.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 12
Runtime: 2hr
Director: Jon M. Chu
Starring: Constance WuHenry GoldingMichelle YeohGemma ChanLisa LuAwkwafinaKen JeongSonoya MizunoChris PangJimmy O. YangRonny ChiengRemy HiiNico SantosJing LusiPierre PngFiona XieVictoria LokeJanice KohAmy ChengHarry Shum Jr.

Information Page:

“Crazy Rich Asians” stars Constance Wu as a Rachel, a young New York professor who has fallen head over heals with Singapore born Nick (Henry Golding). After dating for a year, they, as a couple, are invited to Singapore to attend a wedding for one of Nick’s best friends. Although she knows a little about Nick’s family it seems she doesn’t know the half of it.

Nick comes from a family of real estate developers that are not just rich…. they are crazy rich… see how the title makes sense? From the moment we meet Rachel and Nick, we see others gossiping. The American-Asian community apparently know who Nick is (yet his girlfriend appears oblivious) and it soon reaches back to his mother in Singapore that he won’t be coming to the wedding alone. The first time Rachel notices the influence of Nick’s family is on their flight where they are issued to First Class and Nick seems very at home.

The film then becomes a familiar story of a family not being accepting of the person their son has chosen to love.

Although I enjoyed “Crazy Rich Asians” it wasn’t quite the film I expected it to be. I remember seeing this trailer in the cinema and thinking it looked like a funny romantic comedy, a film that both my wife and I would watch and both enjoy. Although that may still be true, the film walks a thin line between comedy, and a social commentary on class and Asian traditions.

Although few and far between, the comedy elements did hit the mark pretty well. Mostly delivered by Rachel’s old University friend Awkwafina and her family including Ken Jeong, her father. On the dramatic side, the film also does well. Displaying conflicts within the family, expectations within the wider community that Nick would simply marry a woman from another rich family. Individual elements that this film gives you are great. It’s funny, heartfelt with a great cast who look like they had a great time making the film, but when all put together it just seems like the filmmakers weren’t sure what type of film they wanted to make.

One thing that possibly lets the film down is the script. The story of boy meets girl, they fall in love only for the girl to find out he is rich/A Prince/Famous has been done many times so it’s difficult to repeat that story and make it different. With Asian traditions mixed in, I think the film makers felt this would be a new look for this common film trope, but sadly in between the scowls from Nick’s family, the story is the same.

I still think my wife would enjoy Crazy Rich Asians but it’s a film to watch when there’s nothing else on. Or maybe I’m wrong and this was a great film and I just wasn’t the target audience?

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