Creed II

Heavyweight champion Adonis Creed struggles to balance his family duties with his unshakeable desire to fight the son of the man who killed his father.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 12
Director: Steven Caple Jr.
Starring: Michael B. JordanSylvester StalloneTessa ThompsonWood HarrisRussell HornsbyPhylicia RashadDolph LundgrenFlorian MunteanuAndre WardBrigitte Nielsen

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Creed II is everything you’ve seen before but still manages to keep the formula fresh.

Make no mistake. “Creed II” is treading the same steps as what came before but it does it in such a beautifully polished was that it’s not going to take anything from your viewing experience. Taking place a couple of years after the first “Creed” instalment ‘Adonis’ (Michael B. Jordan) is on a career high after winning numerous fights watched over by a now ageing ‘Rocky’ (Sylvester Stallone) and family life is going well.

Rocky is approached by familiar face ‘Ivan Drago’ (played by franchise veteran Dolph Lundgren), who had killed Adonis’ father in the ring decades earlier, about setting up a fight between his son and Adonis in an attempt to regain his glory after being beaten by Rocky after the death of Apollo. This sets up a rollercoaster of emotional scenes which a climax of an all out fight for glory!

I said of previous movies that some films work so well because of how character driven they are. They use the story as a backdrop and focus more on telling the story through good writing rather than state of the art visuals and that is very true of this movie. It’s a boxing movie on the surface but dig a little deeper and it’s core message is one of exploring the relationships between father and son, whether the father is absent, dead or abusive, and how much those relationships can be tested.

The cinematography is beautiful. It’s bright, vibrant and really draws you in. Even though this is now the 8th instalment in this movie epic, by using new characters carefully interlinked with old ones it manages to deliver something that feels fresh while still keeping the heart that resides in every Rocky movie. Go watch it.

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