Delivery Man

After learning that he’s fathered hundreds of children, former sperm donor David Wozniak discovers that dozens of his offspring now want to meet him.

Year: 2013
Certificate: 12
Director: Ken Scott
Starring: Vince VaughnChris PrattCobie SmuldersBritt RobertsonDave PattenAdam Chanler-BeratJack ReynorSimon DelaneyAndrzej BlumenfeldBobby Moynihan

Information Page:

Delivery Man tells the story of David Wozniak played by Vince Vaughn. While cruising through life with no real purpose, David is the delivery guy for his family’s meat business. Sadly, he’s not the most dependable of people. Wozniak is reminded of this when his current girlfriend tells him she is pregnant and doesn’t expect any help from him.

Shortly after, David is found by an attorney, who represents a fertility clinic. It turns out that when David was a little bit short on cash a few years ago, he made some extra money donating sperm. In fact, he made A LOT of donations. The problem is, the clinic thought so highly of the donations, that they were used every time. Which means that David fathered a total of 533 children. That in itself comes as a shock to David, but the problem is, 142 of them wish to know his identity.

So far the children only know their father goes by the name of ‘Starbuck’ and they wish to know who ‘Starbuck’ is. David enlists the help of his best friend Brett (Chris Pratt) who is not exactly a real lawyer, anymore at least but is acting on behalf of ‘Starbuck’

To try and convince ‘Starbuck’ to reveal his identity, Brett is provided with the details of all 142 kids in the lawsuit and this leads David on a mission to try and secretly get to know his new family a little better, hopefully without any of them discovering that he, in fact is ‘Starbuck’.

The film itself is fairly amusing but it’s not going to keep you laughing all the way through. It’s a pretty standard Vince Vaughn movie, so if you are a fan of his, it’s worth a watch. Although I didn’t find the movie particularly funny, it is full of heart and David’s actions show what being a father and a parent is all about and how hard it can be trying to provide for your kids, but also doing the right thing, even if it isn’t the best thing.

I think what lets the film down a bit is the script. It’s pretty predictable and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that it was written with Vince Vaughn in mind for the lead role.

It did surprise me, however, to learn this is loosely based on a real person. ‘Starbuck’ existed and a case was brought by his children to find out his identity. Of course, I won’t spill the beans on whether or not they were successful, as I often do with films with some truth in them, I couldn’t believe that someone actually went through that experience.

The stand out performance of the movie was Chris Pratt, who (at the time) was a bit of an unknown in movies playing bit parts. He was well known in TV, playing a popular character in ‘Parks and Recreation‘ but has now gone on to star in multiple Marvel movies such as playing ‘Starlord’ (No connection to ‘Starbuck’ I am sure). Pratt can be found in films such as Guardians of The Galaxy and The Magnificent Seven.

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