Dirty Dancing

While spending summer with her family in the mountains, 17-year-old Frances falls in love with the resort’s free-spirited dance instructor.

Year: 1987
Certificate: 15
Director: Emile Ardolino
Starring: Jennifer GreyPatrick SwayzeJerry OrbachCynthia RhodesJack WestonJane BruckerKelly BishopLonny PriceMax CantorCharles ‘Honi’ Coles

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In 1963, Frances “Baby” Houseman, a sweet daddy’s girl, goes with her family to a resort in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains. Baby has grown up in privileged surroundings and all expect her to go on to college, join the Peace Corps and save the world before marrying a doctor, just like her father. Unexpectedly, Baby becomes infatuated with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle, a man whose background is vastly different from her own. Baby lies to her father to get money to pay for an illegal abortion for Johnny’s dance partner. She then fills in as Johnny’s dance partner and it is as he is teaching her the dance routine that they fall in love.

Dirty Dancing is my must watch film, it has been ever since it’s VHS release in 1988, if it’s on TV I watch it and when it’s streamable I watch it even though I have the DVD of it. Dirty Dancing has a nostalgic feel about it, not only because it’s over 30 years old or because it’s set in the 1960’s but more because of the cinematic style used in the filming. Also something I recently learnt whilst watching an interview with Jennifer Grey is that she and Patrick Swayze, really did not get on well at all during filming, however, they possess a beautiful chemistry on the set, which makes the relationship all the more believable.

Jennifer Grey gives an absolutely wonderful and first class performance in her role as Frances (Baby) Houseman. She has a natural ability and flair for dancing and she is beautiful and enchanting on the dance floor. But what is wonderful about Baby is that she has such a wonderful depth and dimension to her character. This is not simply a movie about dancing but the scriptwriters have also given us a chance to see Baby deal with the various emotions and feelings that she is experiencing throughout the movie and to allow us an insight into how her interaction with others at the camp changes her life. Grey portrays her character with such realism and poignancy that you end up feeling deeply for Baby as she experiences all she does in this movie.

Patrick Swayze is magnificent in his role as Johnny and truly succeeds in making his character come alive. He gives his character a comprehensive personality, strong appeal and great depth. The chemistry between Baby and Johnny is enchanting and powerful and contributes significantly to the great success of this film.

Cynthia Rhodes is great in her role of Penny and her portrayal of the ordeal that she experiences is truly powerful and contributes a frightening dimension to the film. The other members of the supporting cast Jerry Orbach who plays Baby’s dad Dr Houseman and the late Max Cantor who plays Robbie the trainee doctor that causes Penny’s troubles deserve a special mention here-also give wonderful and imaginative performances that gives this movie an additional dimension of high quality acting and believability that is wonderful to experience.

The character interactions and script are intriguing, and really engage the viewer in a powerful fashion. The plot, although exceedingly predictable, is given more than enough life and vitality to make this movie successful. Furthermore the wonderful selection of music contained in this film (I have the soundtrack digitally downloaded on all my devices) creates a truly magical atmosphere and very nostalgic environment that enhances the quality and success of all the various scenes.

Dirty Dancing is a truly powerful, magnificent and very appealing movie that leaves you deeply touched and with a wonderful feeling in your heart and soul and an inspiration to dance. I highly recommend it

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