Erin Brockovich


Year: 2000
Certificate: 15
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Albert Finney, Julia Roberts, Aaron Eckhart, Veanne Cox, Marg Helgenberger, Cherry Jones, Peter Coyote, Tracey Walter, Conchata Ferrell, Jamie Harrold, Scotty Leavenworth, Gemmenne de la Pena

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I’m not the biggest fan of what some would describe as a ‘Chick Flick’, but I do enjoy a good telling of a true story. There’s something about seeing a dramatic story told on the big screen. One of the most popular of these kind of films is “Erin Brockovich”.

“Erin Brockovich” stars Julia Roberts as an unemployed single mother who is finding it tricky to find a job. After filing a lawsuit against a doctor regarding an accident she was in and losing, she convinces her lawyer to give her a job. With her down to earth attitude and trashy looks, she isn’t taken too seriously. That is until she begins to investigate a large company who is trying to buy homes from people who live on the edge of some land being used as a dumping ground for some contaminated water and, therefore, poisoning the residents. As she gets deeper into the case she finds herself spearheading one of the biggest class-action lawsuits in American history against a multi-billion dollar corporation.

The inspirational story of one person going against a big corporation with mostly determination and a sharp brain is Hollywood enough but to think that the events of this film are true (minus a few typical dramatisations for Hollywood) and the feel good factor isn’t the only thing that “Erin Brockovich” brings to the table.

No ‘Chick Flick’ is complete without a bit of a love story and this comes in the shape of the relationship between Erin and George (Aaron Eckhart) who moves in next door and doesn’t make the greatest first impression. Along with the romance and despite the very serious subject, the film is on occasion quite funny and it may be the one of the reasons someone like me (not a lover of chick flicks) can happily sit through the film without falling asleep.

When I asked my wife, who in our household is the usual watcher of films like this, why she enjoyed the film she said “It has all the elements of a good film: romance, laughs, drama, watchability [she’s happily watched it a few times] and it’s a generally a feel good movie”.

So there you have it folks, my wife likes this movie and I must say her tastes are usually impeccable… escpecially when it comes to men.

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