Fear Street Part 3: 1666

Thrust back to 1666, Deena learns the truth about Sarah Fier. Back in 1994, the friends fight for their lives — and Shadyside’s future.

Year: 2021
Certificate: 18
Runtime: 1hr 54m
Director: Leigh Janiak
Starring: Kiana MadeiraAshley ZukermanGillian JacobsOlivia Scott WelchBenjamin Flores Jr.Darrell Britt-GibsonSadie SinkEmily RuddMcCabe SlyeJulia RehwaldFred HechingerJordana SpiroJordyn DiNatale

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/81334750

Before continuing, read our reviews of Fear Street Part 1: 1994  and Fear Street Part 2: 1978– while we don’t do spoilers, there may be things in this review that relate to things that happened in Parts 1 and 2 of the film. You have been warned!

As with Part 2, “Fear Street Part 3: 1666” continues straight on from its predecessor and, after a short recap, we are sent back to 1666 with Deena seeing through the eyes of Sarah Fier. We see her in a small settlement in Union, Ohio – hundreds of years before it was separated into Shadyside and Sunnyvale and we also see some familiar faces… A number of cast members from the first two films are also in Part 3 but as different characters – this serves a dual-purpose: firstly it gives the viewer a link to the previous films with familiar faces and the cast playing similar roles to their future versions; but also reminds the viewer that in Shadyside/Sunnyvale history simply repeats itself.

Part 3 takes on a very different look and feel to the previous two films and it certainly comes across as more creepy with a Wickerman-esque suspenseful, eerie and supernatural theme to it. Sarah is in love with the Pastor’s daughter, Hannah and on their way to a party they sneak into a tent and come across a book of black magic – before being chased out by the owner of the tent. After that, they head to the party where Caleb starts hitting on Sarah and has his advances stopped – rather abruptly. The two then leave the party to get a bit more intimate away from the others but someone sees their ‘forbidden love’ and isn’t too happy. As the film is set in 1666 in a very religious settlement, Sarah and Hannah have their doubts about their love. Shortly after, strange things start happening in Union so Sarah confides in Solomon Goode, ancestor of Sheriff Nick Goode, thinking that she is to blame but things take a turn for the worst as the two respond to a blood-curdling scream somewhere nearby…

As the story progresses in 1666 we learn more of the events that lead to Sarah Fier’s hanging after being accused of witchcraft and causing the town’s misfortunes. It’s difficult to review this part of the film without doing spoilers but I will say that the events leading up the the hanging were interesting and fit the story, and trilogy of films, to a tee. Sarah gets hanged – we already knew that would happen – but then we are suddenly back in the future for “Fear Street 1994: Part Two”.

In 1994, Deena now knows the history of what happened and finds her brother and C. Berman in order to put an end to Shadyside’s history. Again, this is hard to write about, but a plan is put together and our group returns to the Shadyside Mall for the final showdown. In the previous films I commented on the overuse of music in the soundtrack but this certainly wasn’t the case with Part 3. More than half the film was set in 1666 where recorded music obviously wasn’t available but the score for this part of the film is very atmospheric and chilling and, due to the setting, works excellently. Back in 1994 we are treated to a much smaller selection of songs but with more playtime for each – including one of the best songs of the mid-90s: The Offspring’s “Come Out and Play”. Again, the music works, but this time we’re not overloaded with short snippets and it is all the better because of that.

During the last half of the film we meet, once again, a number of the previous Shadyside killers and I really hope that Netflix do a few spin-off shorts to give these characters some more screen time – they certainly have a lot of backstory that could be developed.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Fear Street Part 3: 1666” and the way it was essentially two films in one worked well without seeming gimmicky. The trilogy as a whole was incredibly enjoyable – yes, it has some flaws, but overall it comes highly recommended. It’s a new take on a teen slasher with an interesting story to go with it. Some parts may be predictable and you will probably be able to work out what’s going to happen but the journey to get their is enjoyable, gruesome at times, amusing and, well, just good fun! I will likely give all three films a second watch at some point in the near future as there will likely be references in each of the films that I missed. Writing a review three Mondays in a row has been a bit of extra work, but it has been an enjoyable process.

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