Fighting With My Family

Raised in a feisty English wrestling family, scrappy Saraya must train hard and pay her dues to get her big break as a pro wrestler in the WWE.

Year: 2019
Certificate: 12
Director: Stephen Merchant
Starring: Florence PughVince VaughnDwayne JohnsonLena HeadeyNick FrostJack LowdenHannah RaeKim Matula

Information Page:

Saraya-Jade Bevis was a young and skilled wrestler. Along with her mum, dad, and brother, the family toured up and down the UK, performing for fans in leisure centers and working men’s clubs. While traveling the UK and performing with your family is great, Saraya-Jade and her brother Zack have bigger dreams. The dream of the World Wrestling Entertainment. The world’s biggest sports entertainment company and the pinnacle of every wrestlers career.

“Fighting With My Family” shows the true story, showing the ups and downs that both Zack and Saraya-Jane encounter when trying out for WWE.

While the WWE is in the UK both Saraya-Jade (Also known as Paige) and her Brother Zack attend try-outs and bump into ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. While heavily used to promote this movie, The Rock is only in this movie for a short time. While part of the story in many ways, he is used here as a way to move the story along.

Successful at the try-outs, Paige travels to the U.S. where she has to train to become a WWE Diva, the label given to most of the female wrestlers in the organisation. This becomes an issue as she is far from the usual blonde-haired, tanned look that is typically found in the Diva ranks, but the trainer there Hutch (played by Vince Vaughn), sees something is different but special with Paige and pushes her to be the best she can be.

As an old school wrestling fan, I was really looking forward to this film and to me it didn’t disappoint. I loved the way they integrated the reality of WWE without it becoming more important than the story. This isn’t an advert for the WWE, but a story of the underdog, starting from the bottom and making it to the top of the mountain. Most of what you see here is true. The story of the Knight family was featured in a Channel Four documentary, this was seen by Dwayne Johnson and turned into ‘Fighting with my family’.

The film is filled with both funny and serious moments which are played really well by a great cast including Nick Frost and Lena Headey who play Paige’s parents and Paige is played by Florence Pugh.

This is a really great film, which has something for everybody and if you are looking for a feel-good film to relax with, I suggest you join the Knight family while they tell you their story, just watch they don’t put you in a headlock.

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