A young couple fights supernatural foes in an attempt to save their daughter from the dark and mysterious forces that follow her every move.

Year: 2016
Certificate: 15
Director: Nirpal Bhogal
Starring: Jonathan Hyde, Eileen Davies, Luke Norris, Antonia Thomas, Nirpal Bhogal, Thea Petrie

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I do like a good psychological horror film and my interest in this genre has been piqued recently while working my way through the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street series. So when I stumbled upon this British horror from writer/director Nirpal Bhogal (‘Misfits’) I decided this would be one to whet my appetite.

When Charlie (Thomas) falls pregnant, her boyfriend James (Norris) moves in to help bring up their child. Shortly after their baby, Thea, is born James has a strange encounter with an old lady in the hospital. Thinking nothing of it, the couple go about their life as a new family.

In the coming weeks and months, however, both parents are struggling due to lack of sleep but​ then strange things start to happen. Light bulbs start popping, marks start appearing on Charlie’s body and playground equipment gets a life of its own. Things come to a head when the strange happenings result in physical assault and writing being carved into the door.

The atmosphere in the film is quite tense and, at times, has a Doctor Who look and feel about it; although the content is somewhat darker.

James, concerned by what’s going on, contacts his father, who just happens to be an occultist. He quickly decides that Thea must not have access to anything with a face on it as that can allow demons through – no family photos, no dolls, no toys. Oh, and Thea is a magnet for the demons and must carry out a daily ritual for the rest of her life.

Fast forward 6 years and Thea (Petrie) is growing nicely and performing her daily ritual herself. Just like most little girls, however, she decides she wants a doll but dolls have faces… Soon the creepiness starts again and the attacks on their household increase dramatically. James and Charlie once again seek help from an occultist but will they rid their daughter of her demons once and for all?

For a relatively low budget the film and effects look great – they clearly knew what they wanted to do, understood what they had and worked with that. The atmosphere and sense of fear throughout the film is very noticeable and the cast do an amazing job. The parents are very believable ; both clearly disturbed by the events but also fighting for their family’s safety.

I would certainly recommend ‘First Born’. The idea is good, the pacing is great and the story unfolds nicely with a few twists and turns. Even if, at times, it looks and feels like Dr Who meets Eastenders!

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