Freddy vs. Jason

Fusing slasher franchises, this hybrid of horror pits nightmarish Freddy Krueger against serial killer Jason Voorhees in the ultimate showdown.

Year: 2003
Certificate: 18
Director: Ronny Yu
Starring: Sean S. CunninghamRobert EnglundRonny YuMonica KeenaJason RitterKen KirzingerKelly RowlandLochlyn MunroKatharine IsabelleBrendan FletcherChris MarquetteTom ButlerEvangeline Lilly

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Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees are stalwarts in the world of horror and slasher movies – you may have heard of a couple of little franchises called “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th”. Freddy and Jason and the main killers in each of these respectively and have terrorised people of all ages for over three decades. Even without seeing any of the films most people will be aware of Freddy’s knife-glove and ability to kill you in your dreams and Jason’s hockey mask and penchant for slashing teenagers to death.

I’ve been working through all the “Nightmare…” and “Friday…” movies in release date order finally building up to the crossover film “Freddy Vs Jason” which is the subject of this review. The reason for such a long introduction is to make it clear that this isn’t a sequel as such and it’s a film that works on it’s own as much as being part of a bigger story. The opening scene of the movie tells you everything you need to know: Children are no longer scared of Freddy and so he has lost his power to kill. He searches the depths of hell and finds Jason – bringing him back to life to start killing, this time in Freddy’s usual hunting ground of Springwood. His plan is to make people think the new killings are being carried out by Freddy, building up fear and subsequently his powers. He can then get rid of Jason and he can carry on with his wicked ways.

So, with all that being said, what’s the film actually like? In all honesty it’s actually quite fun – which sounds an odd way to describe a horror/slasher movie but it is. There are some cheesy lines and scenes in the film which, for those who have seen the two franchises, will likely be familiar with. You see, these films stopped taking themselves seriously a long time ago. What they didn’t stop, however, was the gore – and there are a good number of deaths and mutilations throughout “Freddy Vs Jason”.

The story about how the people of Springwood have forgotten Freddy is quite a clever idea and that pans out nicely; if not a little predictably. However, as Freddy and Jason are the main characters, the teenagers serve only to stitch together various plot points that lead to the big fight. Towards the end of the film we see the title come into play with Freddy taking on Jason in the final showdown.

Overall “Freddy Vs Jason” is a fun, entertaining slasher film and fans of either franchise will be pleased with how their favourite characters play out. For those who aren’t familiar with the other movies, “Freddy Vs Jason” would still be an entertaining, comedic and gore-filled 93 minutes you can enjoy but I would perhaps leave it for when there’s nothing better to watch. It’s fun for the fans, probably OK for everyone else.

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