Game Night

Max and Annie’s weekly game night with friends takes a twisted turn when his hotshot brother hosts a murder-mystery party that becomes all too real.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 40m
Director: John Francis DaleyJonathan Goldstein
Starring: Jason BatemanRachel McAdamsBilly MagnussenSharon HorganJesse PlemonsKyle ChandlerKylie BunburyLamorne MorrisChelsea PerettiDanny HustonJeffrey WrightMichael C. Hall

Information Page:

“Game Night”‘ Stars Jason Bateman as Max, a great guy and husband to Annie (Rachel McAdams). While deeply in love they are missing one thing in life and that’s a family. Difficulties in this area arise from the amount of stress that Max is under is causing issues with the family-making process. What is stressing Max out? His brother, more importantly, his competitiveness with his brother. It doesn’t help that his brother is a jet setting, rich successful guy.
Ever since growing up, Max and his brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) have been in competition with each other. Whether it’s Baseball, Buckaroo or Battleships, Brooks always seems to come out the winner. Brooks is coming to town and will be coming over to one of Max and Annies weekly game nights.
As per usual, Brooks out does Max but as an apology, he insists that next week, the game night is held at the place Brooks is renting while in town.
Once again Brooks tries to out-do Max by hosting a special game night where someone will be kidnapped and the other guys have to work out where he/she has been taken. The Prize? Only the car that Max has dreamt of owning since he was a kid. Then the game night begins. While having the rules of the game explained by the “FBI” guy that needs their help, two men burst through the door and attempt to take Brooks. He fights them off with an elaborate fight scene, smashing through walls and being beaten. All of course part of the show that the others sit back and enjoy.
Once Brooks has been taken, the teams get to work, looking for clues where the “Victim” might have been taken.
It slowly becomes clear that not everything with this game night may be what it seems. but what is real and what is part of the show?
From the starting credits to the ending “Game Night” is a rollercoaster with twists and turns, keeping you, the viewer guessing. The script of the film is really good and it is delivered brilliantly by the cast. Bateman and McAdams are great as an ultra.-competitive couple who also manage to work well together. All the cast are great and a special mention to Jesse Plemons, who plays the strange neighbour perfectly.
The script, the look and the direction of the film are also excellent. With scenes that are made to look like pieces on a game board, to the self-aware jokes that pick fun of the film and the events that happen in it, to the twists themselves. “Game Night” may have been one of my favourite movies of 2018. It manages to balance outrageous comedy without it being silly or slapstick.
I originally saw “Game Night” in the cinemas, but watching it again on Netflix, I enjoyed it even more so. It is still funny. I would definitely recommend this.

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