Hard Target

8792195A cadre of villains hunts humans in New Orleans for evil kicks. When Yancy’s father disappears, she asks “ragin’ Cajun” Chance Boudreaux to find him.

Year: 1993
Certificate: 18
Director: John Woo
Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lance Henriksen, Yancy Butler, Arnold Vosloo, Kasi Lemmons, Willie C. Carpenter, Eliott Keener, Marco St. John, Wilford Brimley

Information Page: https://uk.newonnetflix.info/info/572762

In 1993 Facebook wasn’t even a pipe dream, Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public for the first time, John Major was Prime Minister, teletext was launched and one of my favorite movies of my childhood was released… Hard Target.

I was only 11 when this film was released and I couldn’t tell you how old I was when I first saw Jean-Claude Van Damme in his jeans and long coat kicking ass in New Orleans but I do remember that I loved it.

Hard Target starts as it means to go on. From the outset we see a man on the run, asking for help only to be struck down by an arrow through the chest. He was Douglas Binder. A homeless man, a man with nothing to lose and nobody to miss him. A perfect target for a hunter. Except he does have somebody to miss him, a daughter and when she comes looking for him the trail begins to lead back to the hunters.

Chance Boudreaux (Van Damme) is just trying to get from day-to-day finding work where he can but when he sees Binder’s daughter Natasha (Yancy Butler) being harassed he can’t stand by so agrees to help her find her dad.

The hunters, led by Lance Henriksen (Hellraiser: Hellworld) and Arnold Vosloo (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), are understandably annoyed at the inconvenience of somebody looking into their little venture and all hell breaks loose!

As always with any Vann Damme movie, Hard Target is full of action, cheesy dialogue and kick ass scenes of…well people getting their ass kicked! Add to that the direction of the well-known action director of John Woo including slow mo’s, explosions and of course doves (John Woo always puts doves in his movies) you have a typical but very fun 90s action flick.

If that’s your kinda thing then sit back, stick on some JCVD and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Hard Target

  1. Love this film, it’s an action classic. Lance Henriksen is just menacing as the “inconvenienced” bad guy who you feel justified in hating because of the idea of hunting homeless people for sport. Ugh.

    Van Damme is GREAT in this part and, coming on the backs of his heavy martial arts movies, it was great to see him in a more rounded “action” role.

    John Woo’s love of slow-mo in the film is done well and ties in really nicely with the background music for some enjoyable action scenes.

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