Hide & Seek

Years after an accident at a wild Christmas party traumatized them all, six former friends find themselves trapped in a shopping mall and forced by a killer disguised as Santa Claus to play a lethal game of hide-and-seek.

Year: 2010
Certificate: TEEN
Director: Shawn ArranhaNuria Garcia Montiel
Starring: Purab KohliMrinalini SharmaArjan BajwaShawn ArranhaSameer KochharAyaz KhanAmol MhatrePrashantAmruta PatkiPavail GulatiChristopher BackusAnthea McarthurNuria Garcia Montiel

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/70138498

Six characters who mostly dislike each other, are abducted by a mysterious agent and end up in some enclosed mall with all communication to the outside world broken down, not even mobile phones work here.  The main antagonist is set to play a game of “hide and seek” with this clueless bunch, similar to what they went through 12 years previously. There’s plenty of symbolism in the movie with Taj Mahal replica gifts, a loaded revolver, a video camcorder and a butcher’s knife.

Throughout its duration of less than 2 hours, the movie keeps traveling between the past and present which can become confusing for the viewer because of its conflicting casting. It was indeed hugely surprising to see that there was no striking similarity between the different actors playing the characters in the past and the present. For instance a round faced girl playing the past of another beautiful girl having an oval face in the present. Also converting an obese, shy boy of the past, into a six pack actor of the present was quite unimaginable. Due to these extreme variations in the physical appearances of the characters, it is sometimes hard to make out who’s playing who in the past, which proves as the greatest drawback of the movie.

I didn’t find any of the characters in the film appealing as their personalities were not that great, they were all selfish, cruel, manipulative and annoying. I like to be able to sympathise which at least one character when I’m watching a film so for me this was a very big issue. The soundtrack to the film was also very loud and overbearing and didn’t really seem to fit what was happening on screen.  The limited dialogue also kept switching between Hindi and English which I found to be quite distracting, especially when it switched mid-scene.

While “Hide & Seek” succeeds in grabbing your attention from the first scene itself, there were a few things that could have been done better for example the original hide & seek game 12 years back wasn’t depicted properly. They showed bits and pieces in flashbacks but the sequence wasn’t clear. It would have been better if they had either shown the entire sequence in one go towards the end of the movie or in just a few bits in chronological order. The ending felt a little bit rushed and slightly ruined the whole film for me as the rest of it felt to be at the right pace that it needed to be.

Having said all that I would still recommend this film if you are looking for something a bit different to watch over the festive period.

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