Hulk (2003)

Researcher Bruce Banner’s failed experiments cause him to mutate into a powerful and savage green-skinned hulk when he loses control of his emotions.

Year: 2003
Certificate: 12
Director: Ang Lee
Starring: Eric BanaJennifer ConnellyNick NolteSam ElliottJosh LucasPaul KerseyCara BuonoLou FerrignoKevin RankinCelia WestonTodd TesenStan Lee

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Hulk is an Abomination!

Ang Lee‘s “Hulk” is a boring, drab, disjointed mess of a movie whose only saving grace is that it isn’t a part of the current top end superhero movies we’ve come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The plot is familiar to most though padded slightly for the sake of the film.

David Banner wants to create ‘super soldiers’ by splicing animal and human DNA but he is denied permission to use human test subjects and thus tests on himself. He later has a son Bruce who, as an adult, gets blasted with Gamma Rays. Crossed with the altered DNA he inherited from his father it unlocks the big green giant… it’s all very familiar.

“Hulk” fails fundamentally on every single possible level – the story is slow and unbalanced, the cinematography is bleak and dark in places and the script is average at best. We are treated to possibly the most dull Bruce Banner, this time portrayed by Eric Bana. His performance is wooden, stiff and lacks enthusiasm (a trend that runs throughout the entire cast).

The god-awful special effects look like they were rendered by a program I can only assume is running on Windows 95 (remember Jurassic Park came a whole ten years before this) and Hulk looks like a giant crayon with a face drawn on. Credit where it’s due: Ang Lee tried to make this movie pop with the comic panel style scene transitions but in the end it just makes me dizzy. Flipping the screen so many times.

This movie makes ‘The Incredible Hulk” (part of the MCU) look and feel amazing in comparison and that is certainly saying something. In the end it just got me longing for a Hulk movie starring Mark Ruffalo under the MCU banner… Something, unfortunately, we’re not likely to see. Avoid at all costs and just watch “Thor: Ragnorok” if you’re wanting a decent Hulk fix.

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