Hurricane Bianca

Fired for being gay, schoolteacher Richard returns in drag as force-of-nature Bianca, gets hired for the same job and plots sweet, scornful revenge.

Year: 2016
Certificate: MATURE
Director: Matt Kugelman
Starring: Denton Blane EverettWillam BelliRoy HaylockJustin “Alyssa Edwards” JohnsonBianca LeighD.J. “Shangela” PierceAlan CummingRachel DratchMolly RymanTed Ferguson

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If you like a film with a makeover, a sassy drag queen who plots to overthrow the hierarchy, and a bit part from Ru Paul then this is the film for you.

Hurricane Bianca is a rare gem of a movie; it’s cheap and cheerful, I had no idea what to expect and thrilled to see some familiar faces from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Bianca was the star who shone brightest – as well she should.

The message it sends into the world is about accepting people that are different. Besides that message it is also a fun movie to watch, Bianca del Rio is very convincing in her roll as the gay teacher, Richard Martinez, and we all know her for doing Bianca in a brilliant way. It is the contrast between these two characters that makes it great, where Richard is polite and introvert, Bianca is a total bitch and doesn’t hold back for anyone.

In the end this film does what it is supposed to do, even though it is not a high budget Hollywood movie. It gives you that feeling that you get after watching a good movie that keeps you thinking about it and the message it sends out. Definitely go and see this if you are a fan of insult comedy.

Watch this on a Saturday night as it’s perfect mindless fun. The plot is ridiculously wafer thin and cliched but that’s part of the charm; and if you don’t overthink it, it’s a lot of rollicking fun. You have the good guys, the bad guys, the heroes and a host of fun film characters.

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