I Am Mother

Following humanity’s mass extinction, a teen raised alone by a maternal droid finds her entire world shaken when she encounters another human.

Year: 2019
Certificate: 15
Director: Grant Sputore
Starring: Clara RugaardRose ByrneHilary SwankLuke Hawker

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80227090

This movie on paper is exactly my cup of tea. Character driven sci-fi drama with robots. What’s not to like? Well actually not much. While the movie isn’t perfect it never tries to elevate above its modest budget and scale which ties very organically into the film’s narrative.

“I Am Mother” follows a robot (aptly named ‘Mother’ voiced by Rose Byrne) inside a secure bunker after humans are thought to be extinct and they use human embryos to grow a child. Many years later we meet a young naive girl (Clara Rugaard) who has never known anything other than life inside the secure bunker and when she finds a mouse that ‘Mother’ promptly incinerates during a power cut she starts to question everything she thought she knew and everything starts to unfold.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the premise sounds a little flat but without getting into spoiler territory all is not as it seems. I Am Mother’s core strength comes from it’s character’s dialogue and interaction. It is beautifully written and acted by a very small cast which gives the film a real intimate and lonely feel.

But I did say this wasn’t a perfect movie and that’s true. While the first two acts streamline very well the movie crumbles a little by it’s final act. It doesn’t ruin it by any stretch but I felt they didn’t quite stick the landing (again don’t want to get into spoiler territory) and that is a bit of a shame.

It uses dark and brooding colours along with low camera angles to set a bleak atmosphere and to great affect! The feeling of isolation and panic is really sold and keeps to on the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed movies like ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Moon’ then you will certainly get something from this film however if you’re looking for fast paced action and explosions then give this one a miss.

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