IT: Chapter 1

As kids vanish throughout town, a group of outcasts must face their biggest fears as well as a murderous, terrifying and seemingly invincible clown.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 15
Director: Andy Muschietti
Starring: Jaeden MartellJeremy Ray TaylorSophia LillisBill Skarsgård;Finn WolfhardChosen JacobsJack Dylan GrazerWyatt OleffNicholas Hamilton

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To preface this, I have read the book, (well listened to it on Audible [free trial – affiliate link will pay us commission]) and, if you are expecting a shot for shot recreation of the book, you will be let down. However, do not let that deter you from watching what I can only describe as not just a movie, but an experience. I truly believe that Andy Muschietti directed a perfect screen adaptation of the book.

“IT” revolves around the mystery of the township of Derry, Maine where every 27 years since its founding, fatal accidents occur and people go missing. It is now 1989 and kids are disappearing once again. It is up to one group of kids to face their nightmares and fend off the evil responsible for the tragedies: Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Again, if you have read the book, then you know that these group of kids will face off against Pennywise again in their adulthood. However, the way the filmmakers have gone about creating this is to split the story into two chapters with the first one being what we have now: childhood. For this instalment, I cannot see another cast in place for the children that were in this film. You get to see all personalities in this group of misfits and the actors portraying them really made their characters individually stand out in their own unique way. And this was a KEY aspect to the overall flow of this film. Bill Skarsgård‘s representation of Pennywise is also incredibly masterful and is key to the atmosphere this film sets up.

“IT” is advertised as a horror film, and it definitely is. However, I think if you come in expecting to get full on scare factor, you are missing the whole point of this adaptation. Growing up is scary and everyone has fears. Some people, are scared of clowns. Others may have lived through (or currently are living through) traumatising experiences and those memories haunt them. Whatever your fears may be, at some point or another, you will have to face them – and that is EXACTLY what happens in this film.

The way the cinematography is paced is a perfect representation of the whole concept of facing your fears and working through them in the company and support and people you trust. In the first hour of the film, you are pummelled with what feels like a montage of scary scenes. You have no idea what you will be expecting to see, but you know something is coming due to the ominous camera work and the eerie music that kicks in. And every single time, you get worked up and anxious about what is going to happen. Then, as the movie goes on and everyone’s fears are peaking, an extremely climactic scare happens just as everyone in the film is most vulnerable. All the characters have just had to face their biggest fears once. They are all getting together to discuss what happened and an absolute nightmare of a scare happens. Now, a decision needs to be made: the kids can run from their fears or face them head on.

In conclusion the child actors were perfect. Jaeden Martell did great as the stuttering Bill, Finn Wolfhard did great as foul mouthed Richie, Sophia Lillis did great as misunderstood Beverly. The bullies made me hate them. Everyone did great. Especially Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.

Overall, I was very impressed. Georgie’s arm being bit off, Beverly being showered in blood. I fully enjoyed “IT” and the version of the story told here.

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