Jack Frost

A rock musician dad gets another shot at family time when he’s reincarnated as a jolly snowman the Christmas after his tragic death in a car crash.

Year: 1998
Certificate: PG
Runtime: 1hr 41m
Director: Troy Miller
Starring: Michael KeatonKelly PrestonJoseph CrossMark AddyAndrew LawrenceEli MarienthalWill RothhaarMika Boorem

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/60032541

A cheesy, yet surprisingly deep, festive flick.

“Jack Frost” was a movie I enjoyed when I was younger and was hesitant to revisit it through the eyes of a much more cynical 30 something. After all, a movie with such an outlandishly childlike plot requires some magic to enjoy it. To my surprise I was still entertained. Not as much as I may once have been but enough to make me question just why “Jack Frost” missed the mark so badly upon release.

When a young boy’s father named Jack Frost tragically passes away after a road accident the boy falls into a depression. The following year he recalls a harmonica that his father had given him before his death and joked it was magic. He builds a snowman that resembles his father and plays the harmonica. The next morning the Snowman comes alive enchanted by the spirit of his late father.

That’s about the complexity of the story but the depth comes from the emotion. To tackle such a dark subject in a family movie was risky and works well in context though I imagine this could have been a contributing factor to it’s terrible box office run on initial release. The special effects are somewhat dated now but, given it’s over 20 years old, that can easily be forgiven. Michael Keaton and Joseph Cross have decent enough chemistry together and their father and son relationship seems genuine enough.

This is not a movie I would recommend any other time of the year but given the snowy backdrop and the lack of decent festive movies it’s worth your time. Just keep in mind it’s age and it’s heavier themes of life and death when viewing with the family.

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