Kung Fu Hustle


Sing, a mobster in 1940s China, longs to be as cool as the formally clad Axe Gang, a band of killers who rule Hong Kong, but can only pretend.

Year: 2004
Certificate: 15
Director: Stephen Chow
Starring: Stephen Chow, Wah Yuen, Kwok-Kwan Chan, Yuen Qui, Leung Siu Lung, Dong Zhi Hua, Lam Chi Chung, Xing Yu, Chi-ling Chiu

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/70020728

I wasn’t sure what to review for this week so I asked you guys on social media. The winner, without a doubt, was “Kung Fu Hustle”. I’m not a fan of kung-fu movies although I quite enjoyed the one with the panda that did kung-fu; I just can’t remember what that one’s called… Anyway, I decided to take your word for it and watch it.

Set in 1940’s China, the film opens with a brutal depiction of a town where gangs run amok, maiming and killing as they please… and a nice musical dance number. This really sets the tone for the film – action-packed and rather silly.

Sing (Stephen Chow) is desperate to join the Axe Gang and in a bid to be a bad guy inadvertently starts a war between the sleepy slum of Pig Sty Alley and the Axe Gang. However, when the Axe Gang attack, they soon realise that the residents of Pig Sty have a few secrets – namely there are a number of kung-fu masters living among them.

In general, the comedy is very visual, even slapstick at times, and there are a few “Matrix” moments within the fight scenes too. The special effects throughout the film are quite well done and don’t detract from the story-telling although they do help add to the absurdity. The ‘musical’ fight scene was one of the highlights for me both in terms of action and special effects.

After failing to defeat Pig Sty, the Axe Gang let Sing join them and use him to break-out the world’s most dangerous kung-fu master, The Beast. Will The Beast and the Axe Gang defeat Pig Sty or will their kung-fu residents be able to overcome their oppressors?

The fight scenes are well choreographed, the laughs are plentiful and, with plenty of twists and turns in the plot, it’s actually a difficult film to review without getting into spoiler-territory! It’s an absurdly ridiculous action-packed kung-fu romp and I’m glad you suggested it for this week’s review.

Have you seen this film? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and of course if there are any films on Netflix UK you want us to review let us know!

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