A group of disturbed teens — among them the fledgling chainsaw killer — breaks out of a mental facility in Texas and leaves behind a bloody trail.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 18
Director: Alexandre BustilloJulien Maury
Starring: Stephen DorffLili TaylorNicole AndrewsVanessa GrasseJames BloorSam ColemanSam StrikeJulian KostovIan FisherJessica MadsenDejan Angelov

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80200655

I have never watched any of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise movies, but I am a horror fan and am also one who is willing to go into watching a horror film with no bias – giving a film a fair shot at impressing me, disappointing me, or falling somewhere in between.

This film did not disappoint me, and more so I felt as though it’s storyline actually helped, rather than hurt, in terms of the overall “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” story as a whole. I’m not usually one who likes when an already well-established horror character is given a whole new, fleshed out backstory, but in this case, I found myself not minding at all, and actually rather enjoying the whole new fleshed out character of Leatherface. I think they did a great job of filling in the how’s and why’s he came to be Leatherface. The story is great and full of intense moments and a bit of mystery too. I liked almost every scene of the movie and every character was well chosen by the directors of the movie, especially the characters of Stephen Dorff (The Texas Ranger Hal Hartman), Lili Taylor (Verna Sawyer), Boris Kabakchiev (Young Jed), Sam Coleman (Bud) and of Sam Strike (Jed/Jackson). Leatherface had some great gore scenes but there were no scenes of gore for the sake of it and a few scenes that were slightly scary, however, I did manage to watch it on my own.

From the start of the film, you are kept guessing as to which of the characters is going to end up being Leatherface. It made you feel compassion and sympathy for the character of Leatherface and although you know that no matter what he does, his fate of becoming that brutal killer is set, you still hope that he may be able to have a normal happy life away from the depraved family that want him back.

There is also an “Of Mice and Men” type relationship between Bud and Jackson which is both an interesting and important element to the storyline and goes some way to creating the Leatherface we know from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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  1. Good review, sounds worth a go for the cast. I’ve seen every TCM film, so will have to try this. Such a fragmented franchise. I love the original and enjoyed the ’03 remake and TCM 3D out of them all. Get on seeing the first one!

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