Looking Glass

After taking over a remote desert motel, a grieving couple gets dangerously entangled in the property’s secret sinister history.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 18
Director: Tim Hunter
Starring: Nicolas CageRobin TunneyMarc BlucasErnie LivelyKassia ConwayJacque GrayBill BolenderKimmy JimenezJason K. WixomBarry Jay Minoff

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80239631

What I love about Netflix recently is the speed in which it is getting some feature films onto its platform. You can search the streaming service and see numerous films released in the past year cinematically and within 12 months are being made available to Netflix subscribers.

One movie that caught my eye in 2018 was ‘Looking Glass’ starring one of my favourite actors Nicolas Cage. One thing I love about Nicholas Cage movies is that you are never sure what kind of movie you are going to get. Sadly if it’s on Netflix it is likely that it isn’t going to be the most entertaining film.

BUT, we like to give everybody a chance here at New on Netflix!

“Looking Glass” stars Cage as Ray, the owner and manager of a newly purchased Motel. It’s clientele, as you would expect from a motel of this type, are never in a rush to leave and would happily pay by the hour if you’d let them.
Along with his wife Maggie, played by Robin Tunney, they are trying to get the place up to scratch as the previous owner left in a bit of a hurry. While having a look round Ray notices a locked door. Behind the door is a collection of store rooms that seem pretty normal. However, one day he notices what seems to be a ladder leaned against a wall and discovered it leads to a room where, if they were in that particular room, you could spy on what your guests are doing behind closed doors.

This room seems to be popular with the regulars and along with the creepy local Sheriff asking about what happened to the previous owner, it’s clear that Ray and Maggie have found themselves smack bang in the middle of a strange town. But does this room have an even more sinister history? Is it connected to the murder of a young girl from years before?

The film itself isn’t too bad. The main actors keep the movie going and the storyline kept me mostly involved if not a little disappointed by what I felt was little payoff. The script feels a little thin and with a bit more this could have been a great thriller. One thing I quite liked was the look of the film. The subject matter is dark and dirty and the look of the film reflects that.

This isn’t the worst film, heck, it isn’t even the worse Nicholas Cage film I have see,n but if you like the man’s work you will enjoy this for what it is.

Have you seen this film? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and of course if there are any films on Netflix UK you want us to review let us know!

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