A former nurse saves her favourite writer from a blizzard but morphs from nurturer to sadistic jailer when she learns he plans to kill off her heroine.

Year: 1990
Certificate: 18
Director: Rob Reiner
Starring: Lauren Bacall, Kathy Bates, James Caan, Richard Farnsworth, Stephen King, Rob Reiner, Frances Sternhagen

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/764604

In the 70s and 80s, the horror genre really came into it’s own. From movies such as “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween” and “Childs Play” to authors such as James Herbert and Stephen King. Growing up, my mother used to read these horror books and sometimes even the book covers were enough to keep me hidden under my duvet cover.

As I grew older, I came to appreciate the art of story telling and realised that they weren’t as scary as I had first thought. Sadly my mother’s love for the written word did not continue with me and maybe it was simply the change in times, but I have always been more of a fan of the moving picture.

Recently, pre-holiday, I decided to buy some books for any spare time I had between playing in the pool and catching some rays and one of those books I bought was “Misery” written by Stephen King. I remember seeing the movie YEARS ago, but I had never read the book.

Luckily, I was able to get through the whole book while on holiday and swore that I must rewatch the film on return. As fate may have it, I fire Netflix up when I got home and lo and behold, Misery is on my recommendations. *Fits tin foil hat*

So, Is the film any good? The film sees seasoned author Paul Sheldon completing his latest manuscript in his usual hideaway. Up in the mountains surrounded by snow-covered hills, he completes his book, gets in his car and unfortunately gets blind sided by slippy roads and crashes! Worry not! He is rescued! Luckily for Paul the lovely Annie Wilkes was driving by and saw his car and pulled him from the wreckage. Annie is not only an ex-nurse, but she is also the biggest fan in the world of Paul and his book series about his most famous character, “Misery”.

Annie helps Paul back to health and while doing so, the latest book in the “Misery” series is released, but unfortunately for Paul, Annie is not a fan of the latest twist in the tale… the death of Misery!

This brings out the dark side of Annie and she isn’t the kind hearted hero she first appeared to be.

Although the film was first released in 1990, it was still pretty entertaining and didn’t feel too dated. The only thing that felt dated was how the film was shot. Camera technology and film making techniques have moved on since the 90s and you can tell when watching “Misery”.

What makes this film great is the actors.
James Caan plays the writer Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes is brilliantly played by Kathy Bates. There are a few more cast members, but most of the film is held together by those two performances.

The movie differs from the book in some ways, but after reading the book and seeing the film in quick succession, I actually think the movie adaptation is better King’s original story.

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, or a fan of horror movies that don’t rely on an unstoppable ‘slasher’ character, then I am sure you would find “Misery” a great watch.

Have you seen this film? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and of course if there are any films on Netflix UK you want us to review let us know!

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