After her identity is revealed during her final heist, ace thief Alex finds herself hunted by a relentless assassin hired by a corrupt U.S. senator.

Year: 2015
Certificate: 15
Director: Stephen S. Campanelli
Starring: James PurefoyMorgan FreemanOlga KurylenkoHlomla DandalaLee-Anne SummersBrendan MurrayKarl ThaningRichard LothianShelley NicoleGreg Kriek

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“Momentum” made just £46 when it released in ten UK cinemas last November. But, it can’t really be that bad… can it? No, is the simple answer, but it’s far from good.

Olga Kurylenko plays Alex Farraday, an expert bank robber whose final job doesn’t quite go according to plan. She’s left with a mysterious flash drive containing hidden treasures seemingly far more valuable than the bag of diamonds she went in for. Cue a cat-and-mouse chase across Cape Town, as Alex is pursued by the slimy Mr. Washington (James Purefoy) under the command of Morgan Freeman’s Machiavellian senator.

As you can imagine, it’s all pretty generic fare, with over-edited car chases and hotel shootouts leading to grand reveals of treasonous plots and shameless sequel baiting. However, the film does get plus points for being a female-led action thriller, and Kurylenko is enjoyable enough as she storms her way around town fending off clunky dialogue and baffling exposition.

Purefoy doesn’t fare so well and his evil shtick is achingly annoying. Much has been made of Morgan Freeman’s (literally) phoned in performance, but I found it to be worth a chuckle or two. There aren’t many laughs elsewhere, however, as rubbish one-liners are more likely to elicit groans than smiles. The film also suffers from an uncomfortable mean streak, as an excess of harsh language and occasional brutal violence prove rather off-putting.

The film’s bank heist opening scene is arguably its best, as the snazzy costumes and some cool special effects set-up a sci-fi inflected world that’s never delivered upon. But, from there on out, the whole film reverts to age-old action thriller clichés. So, all in all, £46 seems a bit harsh. How about we make it a round £100?

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