No Good Deed


A devoted mother who offers a handsome stranger help is caught up in a hostage nightmare when the man turns out to be a deranged escaped convict.

Year: 2014
Certificate: 15
Director: Sam Miller

Starring: Leslie Bibb, Henry Simmons, Idris Elba, Taraji P. Henson, Kate del Castillo, Mirage Spann, Dan Caudill, Kenny Alfonso

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I remember seeing this movie being advertised at the cinema and noting that as far as I could remember, it was the first time I saw Idris Elba as a potential bad guy. In films such as “Mandela, My dad and me” and “Takers” he has certainly never been the main protagonist, so I thought it would be a good chance to see his acting scale.

“No Good Deed” stars Idris Elba as ‘Colin’ a criminal who was convicted of a murder he denies and has been sentenced to life in prison. During a parole meting it becomes clear that despite his claims of innocence and humility, there is little chance he will ever be released. On his way back to prison Colin take his chance and escapes from custody and goes on the run.

As all good criminals do in the movies the first place he visits is his ex-girlfriend’s which, as usually happens in these situations, doesn’t end well for anybody. As Colin drives through the back roads of nowhere in torrential rain, he crashes his car and looks for a house nearby to seek help.

The house he finds is that of Terry (Taraji P. Henson), a frustrated house wife whose husband has left for the weekend to go on a golfing trip with his dad at short notice. When she finds a handsome stranger at the door she offers her phone so he can call someone to collect his crashed car. Colin slowly gains Terry’s trust and finds himself waiting for this imaginary tow truck in the warmth of Terry’s house.

What follows is a slightly thrilling, make you jump, fast paced movie. It didn’t blow my socks off but the acting was pretty good even if it took me a while to get used to Mr Elba with a (kind of) American accent. The story seems predictable but did flow well and has a pretty good finale where, I will be honest, I didn’t see the end coming and it was pretty well-played out.

If you’re looking for a take your breath away, knock your socks off, make your heart skip a beat thriller then I would give this a miss. If you are looking for a decent film to watch that will keep you entertained, then give “No Good Deed” a watch.

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