Project Almanac

When teenage David finds his late father’s technique for time travel, he and his buddies head to the past to place some surefire sports bets.

Year: 2014
Certificate: 12
Director: Dean Israelite

Starring: Gary Weeks, Amy Landecker, Sofia Black D’Elia, Allen Evangelista, Sam Lerner, Sir Maejor, Katie Garfield, Michelle DeFraites, Sofia Black-D’Elia

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I’ve always been a fan of first person/POV/found footage films. There is something in seeing things from the point of view of a character that normal film making doesn’t give you. I think the first one I remember enjoying was The Blair Witch Project which was perfect for this genre of films because it was supposed to be footage recovered from someones diary of events.
Project Almanac is the same.

The movie chronicles the events involving a group of high school friends. The main focus in this group is David, who with his sister (from whose eyes we see most of the movie), find an old video camera that belonged to their dad. When watching the footage they see it is from Davids 7th birthday party which, coincidently, is the last time they saw their dad. While watching the tape, David notices something odd. That something is him. In the reflection of the mirror, he sees himself from present day, somehow in the past.

Understandably confused, David and his friends take a look at what his dad was working on all those years ago and discover dear old dad was in fact trying to develop a way of traveling through time.

Luckily David hangs about with smart kids, so it doesn’t take look for them to work out what Davids’ dad couldn’t and boom, time travel is possible.

Typical time travel shenanigans ensue including winning the lottery, making some small bets on some sporting events, getting VIP access to music events and anything else they can think of, all of course while being cautious about not affecting the future too much. Nobody’s killing Adolf Hitler in this flick.

Of course, everything is going great until it doesn’t and the true repercussions of changing anything in the past comes back and bites the group of friends firmly on the butt.

The film itself is decent. It is Time Travel by numbers, so if you are not into that sort of sci-fi, then I would stay clear. Also, as with many time-travel films, there are loads of occasions where something may not make sense. Just remember, we don’t know how to time travel so therefore how can we truly say ‘something’ wouldnt happen.

The cast is all pretty unknown and I expect after this movie that remained the same. Not much to speak of regarding direction or look of the movie as the POV shot is not flexible enough to be inspiring in any way.

If you’re into Sci-fi? Like time-travel? Then check it out, but if you’re looking for a different twist to the tale of time and space, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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