Rush Hour 2

When the U.S. Embassy in Hong Kong is bombed, Inspector Lee and a vacationing Detective Carter team up against an international crime syndicate.

Year: 2001
Certificate: 12
Director: Brett Ratner
Starring: Jackie ChanChris TuckerJohn LoneZhang ZiyiRoselyn SanchezAlan KingHarris YulinKenneth Tsang

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Rush hour 2 reunites Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker for the second and by far the best instalment in the Rush hour franchise.

Set just days after the events of the first film, “Rush Hour”, we see Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) visiting Lee (Jackie Chan) in Hong Kong when an explosion kills two US agents. Lee is given the case and soon finds out his late police father’s old partner ‘Ricky Tan’ may be involved and is now the leader of the Triads. This sends Carter and Lee on a mission to find Ricky and bring him to justice.

What’s important to remember with this movie is you’re not here for the story! The story is simply there as a vehicle to allow Tucker and Chan to use their amazing on screen chemistry and they certainly succeed. “Rush Hour 2” takes everything the first one did and builds on it making the whole experience feel grander. The story, though very predictable, works and is well paced enough that you’re able to draw breath between explosions and high speed chases.

This sequel is often cited as a ‘lesser’ film than what came before but I disagree; while the first set the groundwork it is appreciated that this allows for number 2 to just jump almost directly into the action. “Rush Hour 2” is a genuinely funny, action packed and busy movie I would recommend watching this one especially if you are a fan of the first; and, even if you haven’t seen the first film, “Rush Hour 2” stands tall on its own merit and is just as enjoyable without ever having seen previous instalments.

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