Sandy Wexler

When a hapless but dedicated talent manager signs his first client who actually has talent, his career finally starts to take off.

Year: 2017
Certificate: 12
Director: Steven Brill
Starring: Steven Brill, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Terry Crews, Jennifer Hudson, Arsenio Hall, Colin Quinn, Nick Swardson, Lamorne Morris, Jamie Gray Hyder

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I wasn’t too fussed about watching this movie at first. After Sandler began his Netflix film deal with “The Ridiculous 6” I wasn’t in a rush to see any more. I was right to be hesitant… kind of.

“Sandy Wexler” is a movie about a goofy, funny looking talent agent. He’s the guy that seems to know everybody but not everybody knows Sandy. One moment he’ll tell you that he danced under the moonlight with Marilyn Monroe and then deny ever saying it. You’re never sure what is the truth and what is not. Sandys’ client list mostly contains oddballs such as Gary the (possibly worst ever) Daredevil played by Nick Swardson, Ted (the ventriloquist) played by Kevin James and my favourite ‘Bedtime’ Bobby Barnes (the wrestler) played by Terry Crews.

One day he discovers ‘Courtney’ played by Jennifer Hudson. When Sandy hears her singing at a local theme park, he signs her up and insists he is going to make her a star.  Sandy works hard to get Courtney’s music out into the real world and as they work closely together a romance begins to blossom that neither of them really understand. Sandy knows however that you can’t get too close to  client.

The film is interlaced with some pretty funny little interviews with some well-known celebrities who regale us with stories of how they first met Sandy or stories that they had heard about him that had become legendary, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

The film plays out a little bit like a biopic of Sandy, seeing where he came from and the people he had worked with. After watching the movie, I learned some of the things were based on a real life talent agent that Adam Sandler had worked with called Sandy. I liked knowing this as it felt as if it gave me a bit of a connection the character knowing he was ‘real’.

The movie itself is OK. Not really laugh out loud funny but some parts certainly made me smile, especially the bits with Sandys’ landlord (I won’t spoil it) but the movie is pretty light-hearted and enjoyable. The chemistry between Sandler and Hudson is pretty good and the same could be said for Sandler and the other co-stars, many of which are familiar faces in the Adam Sandler movie-verse.

The only thing that really bugged me was Sandys’ accent/speech impediment. This isn’t the first time Sandler has played a character with a distinctive vocal style. He did a similar thing with ‘Little Nicky’. If that small affliction doesn’t bother you then I think you’ll enjoy this movie.

I said at the beginning of this review that I was right to be hesitant of this movie, but while writing this review and reliving the movie over again in my head, it was actually all right and I would recommend you giving it a shot.

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