When a dad-to-be learns he’s actually a sextuplet, he sets off on a wild journey to meet his long-lost family. Marlon Wayans stars as all six siblings.

Year: 2019
Certificate: 12
Director: Michael Tiddes
Starring: Marlon WayansBresha WebbMichael Ian BlackGlynn TurmanMolly ShannonDebbi Morgan

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When I first heard about “Sextuplets” I have to say it wasn’t an idea that really grabbed my attention. One actor playing multiple characters seemed a bit… “Nutty Professor”. However once I saw the trailer I decided to give it a go – I just hoped that it wasn’t one of those trailers that shows all the best bits…

The premise of the film is fairly straight forward – Alan (Marlon Wayans) and Marie (Bresha Webb) are expecting their first baby and during one of the prenatal check ups they are asked about their family history. Alan was adopted and doesn’t know anything about his family history but he decides that now is the time. So he asks his father-in-law who is, conveniently, a judge that is able to get a court order to find out his birth mother’s name and address. If only real-life were that simple… So he heads to the address, leaving his heavily pregnant wife, in search of his mother but what he finds instead is a fat version of himself called Russell who appears to have been watching “Mork & Mindy” and “The Rockford Files” for the past thirty or so years. It doesn’t take long to realise that they are twins and then the pair discover a hidden newspaper article that informs them they are actually sextuplets. And here begins the real story of trying to find Alan’s family.

Wayans plays each of the sextuplets and, while he does a good job of them, it sometimes felt a bit cringey – as though you were watching a character sketch show melded into a full length film. There’s also nothing in the story that explains why each of his siblings are so different but then it’s a silly comedy – does it really need that level of detail? Wayans pulls off each character’s different persona with apparent ease and it’s clear that he had fun while playing each one.

As the story progresses we meet the rest of Alan’s siblings including a pole-dancing jailbird sister, a slick gold-toothed conman, a ginger-haired spy and a tiny, terminally ill ‘Baby Pete’. We meet them in some fairly interesting ways which makes for an interesting story at times – there’s a car chase, a bull chase, lots of cereal, a few serious moments and a good deal of silly, slapstick comedy.

While it is a bit crude at times (it’s rated 12) and a little predictable we enjoyed it as a chilled out family film and it provided enough laughs for us. It’s certainly not the greatest comedy film out there but it is far from being a bad film. The story is fun, the effects are good and, overall, it’s an amusing film that doesn’t drag.

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